what brand of grips do you like best?

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Hi all!

Well I'm just starting back in gymnastics in my college's club team. Needless to say, it's been about 10 years since I needed grips, and I need to get some new ones. I don't even remember what brand I used to wear, and really don't know which to buy. I was just wondering what everyone is using and what everyone likes best.

My daughter is going through the getting used to grips process. She is learning giants. Most of the girls at the gym wear Ten-0s with dowel. Mine has the velcro closure and so far that hasn't been an issue. As long as she feels pretty good with them, I'll stay with this brand since they are a little pricey to buy multiple pairs just to try.
We carry US Glove (maker of Tiger Paws) and English Bulldog at LeotardCrazy.com. Other good brands are Reisport, Baile, and Ten-0.
I personally always used Ten-0 with velcro, i just taped the velcro down at meets just to be safe. I had teammates who used english bulldog and loved them too. It all really depends, but in the long run they're about the same.
Any brand of grips can be good or bad. Some leather is just not high enough quality for grips. In the end, it is about quality control. The grips are all about the same. What company has the highest standards for leather? I can't say that anyone is bad, but Mike at US Glove has very high standards for his leather.:thumbsup:
I use bailie double buckle grips. buckle grips are safer. if you weigh more than probably 100 lbs, you shouldn't wear velcro grips. and single buckle grips usually hurt your wrist more.
I use "Bare Hands" They feel like you're not wearing anything...because you're not! lol :p I don't wear grips. I've tried it for long periods of time, and always have gone back.
I use ten-o idk what the are called like ten o blues or something? They have blue velcro with the red lines goin through it idk i love them but they never stay velcroed bc they are from level 5 and im a level 8 now so i use rubber bands over them but i prob should break in my new grips the same ones but i dont feel like breaking them in yet
My daughter wears "Just Right" by Gibson. Our coaches order them for the girls.
My dd is a reisport girl only. I purchased a buckle pair but she refused to wear them. I know this sounds wierd but I think the unwraping/wrapping to adjust the straps has become a type of ritual to her over the years. When the velcro starts to wear out, I just have it replaced.
My daughter uses Baile's elite brand. She is a hard bar worker and these hold up better than other brands she has used. They have one buckle and one velcro strap.
my club uses resport and has never had a problem with them. but i would advise getting buckle grips because you dont mess arouns with the velcrow and the velcrow comes undone allot
Reisport, ten-o and tensport were the grips my gym girls and i used. they were velcro, another alternative to taping down the velcro is using thick rubberbands or elastic hair ties to secure loose velcro.
We carry US Glove (maker of Tiger Paws) and English Bulldog at LeotardCrazy.com. Other good brands are Reisport, Baile, and Ten-0.

I would defenitly agree, those are really good brands. My aunt :)rolleyes:) bought me some from Nastia Luikin's line (what was she thinking :rolleyes:) and I wear those for practice and once for a meet because I forgot my competition pair. They're my back-up pair. :rolleyes: :D

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