What to eat before a meet?

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So I was reading a thread about food before going to practice, i think in the parent's forum, and I was thinking about my sister's comp on saturday.:p

We have to be there at 7:30 AM and we are about 50 minutes from the place. So we have to leave at 6:40 AM. We'll wake up at around 6:00AM and that's really early for us because we usually wake up at around 8 in the morning. :eek:

I know my sister is going to be very stress. When there are meets that early in the morning we usually don't eat much. (We, I mean when I was still competing.) We usually would eat something like a fruit and a little bit of cereals.

But this is a different meet, because my sister has a lot of chance of qualifying for the ''states'' (just a US example because I know a lot of people here come from the US and not canada.) ;)

So she will have to be TOP SHAPE!:rolleyes: That means she will need a great breakfast so that she can stay awake until the meet! :D

What would you give your child (parents), or what would you eat (gymnast) if you were in her place?!:confused:

Thank you so much!

Hey Charlo,

we often have this issue, as you know. So I pack food the night before to eat in the car, and also to munch on after the warm up is finished and they are sitting around.

Peanut butter on whole grain bread
apple/fruit sauce (you know the little unsweetened ones in pots)
trail mix (nuts,pretzels,raisins)
Bag of cheerios
Bagels & cream cheese
Bran muffins
Cheese and crackers

bottle of water/juice

Thermos of hot chocolate made with milk.
You are going to be hungry too, so pack enough for you all to eat. You also might want to warm the car before you get into it, it is supposed to be frikking freezing on Friday night!!!:eek:

Good luck to O, hopefully soon it'll be your turn to get back to competing.
What I always eat for swim meets (which are insanely early)

Egg Sandwhich
Trail Mix

A lot of stuff that bogwoppit put up. You don't want anything to heavy but something that will sustain you and give you energy.
carb up the night before eat pasta, bread, anything high carb! then for breakfast eat something with protein and carbs: peanut butter toast is really good!!! :)

hope she does well at the meet :)
I, personally, under those circumstances would give dd a bagel. I would be ok if she only ate half because of how early it is, plus the nerves of a meet. I would make sure I had like a NutraGrain bar in her bag for after the meet and then go out for lunch.

Those early meets are killers!
My daughter always has a banana before meets, at least. She is usually not very hungry but I insist on a banana every morning, even if she doesn't eat anything else. A banana and milk (healthy fruit and protein) and then she takes raisins or a NutriGrain bar or something in her competition bag for a snack.
A bagel with like peanut butter or something. Usually none of my teammates eat at meets except for like me. I always end up eating m&ms or something. haha
Thanks everyone for the ideas! My sister had a great meet today! She got 1st on vault, 3rd on floor, 4th on beam and second in the all-around! I hope it will be that great tomorrow! :)
When DD has a bright and early meet we usually stop on the way and get her some sort of egg sandwich @ McDonald's.
our team gets together at somebodys house and then we have spaghetti the evening before a meet. It is high in carbs and it's good to see each other outside of the gym.

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