whip double tucks

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does anyone have any timers or drills i can do??
I've never tried this skill (except on a tumbletrack), and I've never trained it, but I imagine all of the drills that apply to backhandspring double-backs should apply to whip double-backs as well.

As I see it, there are two approaches to learning double-backs; one for gyms where you can tumble into a pit, and one for gyms where you can't.

If you can pit tumble, I'd do it there. Once you can do it comfortably into a pit with time to spare (and make sure your awareness is good enough that you can open up and spot the landing), do it onto a mat (same, make sure you can spot the landing), then do it on floor.

If you can't pit tumble, do a back tuck onto your back on a high stack of mats until you feel confident enough to try it on floor (preferably with as soft a landing as you can arrange to have.)

You want to land the whip with your feet behind you; in other words, the whip should probably be lower than it would usually be. This is best accomplished by making sure you have a good hard snap down on the roundoff, giving you a fast, low, powerful whip.

But as I said, this is all going off how I would teach it; I have zero experience actually doing so.

EDIT: Not to be discouraging or anything, but I want to make sure you're aware: there would be no connection bonus for a whip double-tuck.
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Geoffrey pretty much said it all. If you have a tumble trak available try some off there as well. Doing timers onto a mat stack is always a good idea for any tumbling skill.
I have to say that when my daughter does a whip into a 1 1/2 she seems to have alot of power because she is moving so fast.

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