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  1. S

    Creative uses for NON GYM equipment :)

    When I saw the thread about using gymnastics equipment in the house for other things, it got me thinking about the do you/your kids use regular everyday house items to do gymnastics? :)
  2. flippin out

    Most Creative uses for Home Equipment, lol

    Ok, So seeing this post by pt coach in a another thread gave me quite a laugh. I thought it would be funny to see what else our creative kids have come up with. So obviously pt coach is the first post on creativity :) For me. I bought a trampoline many years ago as a fun thing for my older...
  3. A

    MAG best pommel equipment

    hi all. I've been asked to look into buying a new pommel as the one we have is rather ancient and not in very good condition. So I've been looking about, but not sure whats supposed to be the best type. I'm not sure what all the differences are, but the main easy one that Ive seen is that you...
  4. D

    Gym equipment question

    How important is having new updated/current gym equipment in the progress and training of a gymnast? I can imagine there are certainly advantages to having pits, equipment for drills and conditioning, but can a gymnast still train and progress just as well with the bare necessities of a pretty...
  5. mustlovejumping

    home equipment

    Hey! How many of you guys have gymnastics equipment in your house? What kind, where did you buy it/how did you make it, and would you recommend any of it for someone else? Just wondering because I'm thinking about buying a low beam or foam beam :]
  6. P

    Anyone have experience with good home equipment for gymnasts to practice at home.

    Looking to start a small home gym for daughters to practice at home. I have no idea what things to consider except the obvious such as space constraints. I am inclined to get adjustable beam and bars so they have room to grow. Anyone have any helpful advice?:rolleyes:
  7. D

    Gym equipment safety and updating

    We've been new to our gym (a little over 2 years) and to gymnastics as a whole. There has been problems within our gym and about 2/3 of our gymnasts have left. There are so many rumors and bad mouthing that went around at our gym, it is hard to tell which way is up. Of concern to me right now is...
  8. AlexsGymmyMom

    Nick Names for equipment

    I know this is kindof random but the girls on my DD's team have a nickname for some of the balance beams at the gym and I was wondering if other gyms do the same for some of the equipment? At her gym there is "road beam" ( there is a wider beam with a broken line down the midde kindof like...
  9. L

    Different Equipment

    During my competition season I had to travel to many gyms. I am not sure if this is just me being picky, or an actual problem. When it comes to vaulting at away meets I struggle. At my gym my FHS vault looks fantastic. However, when I go to different gyms and use their vaults, it looks horrific...
  10. pinklemonadeliz

    Equipment use rotation

    I'd like to know how all of you coaches manage the use of your equipment. Does team have scheduled times for each piece of equipment, or do you just use what you want, whenever you want it? It seems to be a problem at our gym - the team girls use beam, floor and bars all at the same time, rec...
  11. B

    used equipment

    Where can I get quality used equipment? Specifically uneven bars, high and low beams, vault table, landing mats. Also, do most gymnasts use their bar settings on extra wide or wide bars? They give the dimensions, but it doesn't mean anything to me. I don't want to get a set that don't go...
  12. W

    Coaches Homemade equipment

    I saw an elastic strap set up to aide gymnasts through Back Hip Circles while learning/feeling body shape. It looked pretty easy to make something of the likes with bungy cord and swimming pool noodles. I have made floor bars, low bars, parellettes before and I was wondering if other...
  13. Geoffrey Taucer

    Buying equipment

    Specifically, I'm looking for p-bars. They can be new or used (as long as they're in good condition). They need to go up to FIG height, and they need to be stable enough to handle high-level routines, and durable enough that I won't need to replace them again in a couple years. I'm looking for...
  14. C

    Home equipment

    I see so many home videos with small bars and low beams in the home, can someone tell me where you got them or how they were made?
  15. C

    Parents Just wondering about gym equipment

    One of the other post about uneven bar placement got me thinking. In all the gyms around here they have several pieces of equipment for the kids to practice on. I just assumed based on what I see at our local gyms that everyone had about the same. So it got me wondering and thinking...
  16. Cheesurprise

    Cleaning Equipment

    What's the best way to wash down gymnastics mats?
  17. katy

    home equipment

    ok, i'm totally jealous after reading gikigirl's post that she has a low beam at her house. i didn't know that we could still do that! i used to have two big mats in my parents basement that we would do ro bhs on. i wonder if i have room for a floor beam in my workout room, and i wonder if i...
  18. G

    The Best At Home Practice Equipment

    I am looking to buy my kids some gymnastics equipment for at home use, such as bars, beams, & back handspring trainers. Are there an specific companys, or websites that offer great deals on terrific equipment?:D
  19. T

    Unbelievable equipment malfunction

    This is unbelievable. This gymnast hits the spring board on his vault and in launches him into the judges table. Thankfully, he doesn't appear to be hurt. Also unbelivable is that after he crashes on top of the judges table, smashing it to pieces, he gets up and salutes the judges.:eek: Jumpcut...
  20. L

    Parents Do you have a home gym/equipment

    I was curious to the parents perspective on home gyms. Do you have equipment at home (anything as simple as a beam line). Do you kids practice on it or play around on it. If they do have it do their coaches like or dislike them having it? Has it helped? Has it hurt your child?