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  1. N

    OT Rhythmic Gymnastics

    hi, i’m unsure in which category to post this but i hope this works :) i’m 19 years old and started training RG at age 3, when i was 7 i moved to a different country where RG was not even a thing, so i did various dance and acrobatics instead. in recent years i became very sick for a long time...
  2. M

    Parents HELP! any Rhythmic Gymnastics school near Franklin or Brentwood TN!

    Hello everyone.. I am from Calif. Moving to Brentwood TN and my daughter is about to go into competitive level rhythmic gymnastics at her school in Calif and would be devastated if I pulled her out and move her to TN unless she has another class she will able to go to.. I looked and called all...
  3. D

    Rhythmic gymnastics

    Is anybody else watching the rhythmic gymnastics? I think I am actually beginning to like rhythmic gymnastics better than artistic.
  4. D

    Rhythmic Gymnastics

    Does anybody know what is going on in rhythmic gymnastics? Who are the favorites to win? Do you have any favorite routines?
  5. A

    Survey: nationalistic bias in rhythmic gymnastics

    Hi everyone! I am currently working on my Bachelor's final thesis, the topic of which is the evolution of the nationalistic bias in rhythmic gymnastics judging, since 2005. To complement the statistical analysis I have worked on, I have also created 3 surveys. Two of them have already been sent...
  6. Rhythmic.Gymnast333

    Rhythmic Gymnastics in Korea?

    So i know Rhythmic gymnastics is mostly in korea and not artistic gymnastics but im having a hard time finding a rhythmic gymnastics place in south korea. can anyone help me know what places have rhythmic gymnastics in seoul?
  7. LindyHopper

    Experienced Artistic, but fairly new Rhythmic mom

    Hi all! I haven't been around in a fairly significant period of time. My eldest, 13. 5 year old Short Stack, is in the midst of her first L8 season. We went through our first major coaching drama back in the spring. (Assistant coach, still a favorite, started their own gym). We stayed where...
  8. Lakeyshia

    New Rhythmic club owner, HELP!

    Hi all, I’ve recently started putting things in motion to put together a new RG club in the Clearwater FL area. My background is dance, so I’m hoping to network with others that can fill in the blanks
  9. G

    Parents Switch from artistic to rhythmic?????

    Did anyones kiddo switch to rhythmic? How did it pan out. DD is 9 and thinking she may want to make the switch. She is super flexible and Im told she has naturally pretty lines. But rhythmic seems to require alot of focus. She is aware that she may not be able to compete right away. But she...
  10. twinmomma

    T&T/Rhythmic/Acro nationals 2020?

    I know the expectation is that next year will be earlier because it's an olympic year. Anyone have a more firm set of information other than the Draft calendar from 7/11 on USAG's T&T website? I ask because depending on how early it is it may interfere with 8th grade graduation for my...
  11. G

    Acro or rhythmic leotards

    Hi. Can anyone recommend good sites to buy acro/rhythmic Leotards with skirts?? Thanks!!
  12. momnipotent

    So nationals this year for T&T, rhythmic, and acro is...

    in Des Moines, Iowa!! On the plus side, they have an airport and are somewhat centrally located. It will also be in season for corn. That’s about all I’ve got..
  13. W

    Aerials in rhythmic gymnastics (not allowed)

    I’m not super familiar with rhythmic gymnastics rules but I have heard that aerials (front and side aerials) are forbidden in rhythmic gymnastics routines/programs. I think the reason was that rhythmic gymnastics should look effortless, floaty and astonishingly beautiful so there’s no tumbling...
  14. Jard.the.gymnast

    Mens rhythmic gymnastics

    Not sure I would call it rhythmic gymnastics, but it still looks pretty neat
  15. MILgymFAM

    First college club team for rhythmic!

    My DD still loves and follows rhythmic gymnastics and sent me this recently. She’s really hoping it catches on and becomes a bigger thing!
  16. MILgymFAM

    Parents Rhythmic leotards

    Does anyone know a retailer that sells them in the US? Just found out today my DD has an exhibition in 2.5 weeks and she doesn't have a leotard. We do not have time to order from overseas or do a custom leo.. Barring being able to find one anywhere, I read somewhere that skating dresses are so...
  17. MILgymFAM

    Any other rhythmic families?

    I was just wondering if there are any other parents of rhythmic gymnasts (or any gymnasts themselves) on here? As we get closer to the season, I am just wondering what to expect at comps, age groupings, levels, do girls have to compete all events for their level, etc. We really know very, very...
  18. A

    Rhythmic Gymnastics Judging

    Did anyone see the article about the Rhythmic judging issues? I wonder how that is going to impact the sport in the US?
  19. T

    What are the levels in trampoline & tumbling and rhythmic gymnastics?

    What are the levels for rhythmic gymnastics in the United States, and are there different divisions like beginner levels, compulsory levels, advanced levels, and elite? If so please let me know! I know in artistic there are levels 1-10 with developmental, compulsory, advanced, and elite...
  20. T

    Levels in tramp and tumbling & levels in rhythmic gymnastics?

    What are the levels in rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline & tumbling FOR THE US. I know in artistic there are 1-10 with developmental, compulsory, advanced, and elite divisions. Is it the same for rhythmic gymnastics and T&T? ---- IN THE US ---- Thank you!