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  1. gymnast695

    States on Sunday!

    Hey everyone i have states on sunday! But its far away so im leaving tomorrow. I'm so nervous because last practice i screwed up my bars =\ i hope i do ok at the meet! wish me luck!! thanks!
  2. GikiGirl

    My second meet this season--USAIGC states

    I had another good meet. I was technically in the USAIGC 18+ age division, but they lumped me with 15+ since there were no other over 18s, which was fine cause then I could actually place possibly, and not just get an all around medal as the 'champion' of one person in my age group, like last...
  3. M

    Parents suprises and states

    Wow what a weekend. Friday night Amber's dad suprised us all by flying in from New York to watch her compete. He has not seen a meet all year. She was so excited. So ... She started on beam 9.2.....she was so excited 8.9 on floor- high for the year 8.6 on vault- a little pike 8.3 on bars - she...
  4. B

    Parents Level 4 States!

    My 6-year-old had her Level 4 states this weekend. She hasn't quite been the same since falling off the beam in March and getting 12 stitches across her knee :(, so we were worried she wouldn't have a successful day. She came in FIRST on beam (YEAH!), second on bars, tied for 2nd on floor, and...