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  1. J

    For Parents Strap Bar Gloves?

    My DD just finished her competition season and is now starting to work on new drills. The last 2 practices she has done some drills on the strap bar and it seems to be killing her hands. Are strap bar gloves a thing? Would they help? If so, what do I buy and where do I find them? She is 12...
  2. G

    For Parents Moving skills from strap bar to real bar?

    Just wondering how long it usually takes / how hard it is, to transfer skills from strap bar to real bar. We never had a strap bar back when I was a gymnast many many years ago lol. My daughter has been doing giants on straps for months but hasn’t attempted on the real bar yet. She also has her...
  3. Mommyo2az

    WAG Strap bar giants

    Ok, now that level 6 season is winding down, DDs group is starting up strap bar giants. DD did them last summer with coach giving her a push in her swings. Now they have to do it alone. DD can not get over the bar for the life of her! Swing, swing, swing...nothing. She tells me that she is...
  4. Ali'sMom

    WAG Strap bar vs wrists - anything to help?

    While healing a sprained ankle, DD is getting extra time on the strap bar working her giants. Unfortunately the straps are starting to dig in. She wears wristbands, but she's still getting cuts along the side of the palm Would tape help this? She says no, but she's known to not want to do...
  5. teksquad

    WAG transitioning to giants from the strap bar to the "real" UB for older, taller gymnasts

    Hi All, My daughter is a gymnast that has been working the strap bar with gloves for quite a long time, working her form and technique. She is an older gymnast with a mature body. At some point, the decision will be made to try giants on the regular bar set. Have you seen how this has been...
  6. Aero

    For Coaches What do I need for strap bar work?

    I want to get my girls started on strap bar drills for nice taps in both directions, kips, long hang pull overs, and eventually free hips and giants. However, my gym doesn't have the equipment for it. We do have a men's steel bar, but no gloves or straps or anything. What exactly do I need for a...
  7. G

    WAG Giants: Strap Bar Vs. Real Bar

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has insight on how difficult of a change it is to go from solid strap bar giants to getting solid giants on the real bars. Thanks!
  8. M

    WAG Strap Bar

    Another thread got me wondering, what level does your gym start kids on strap bar?
  9. E

    For Coaches Coaches, how do you know when a child is ready to try giants on the strap bar?

    My daughter is 12, just started at a new gym and she was working out with the level 7's for the last three months. She has a weakness on bars, she never uptrained giants on strap bar before at her former gym. Everyone on her team has giants, even the level 5 and 6 kids have them on the strap bar...
  10. T

    For Coaches When to start strap bar?

    The boys need work on tap swings and we need to make a lot of progress this year, biggest issue is its tough to get these bars chalked up right now because we use them all for giants for straps for the girls, is it ever too early to start using strap bar?
  11. M

    WAG Graduating from the strap bar

    I'm curious...what are the markers that coaches are usually looking for to "graduate" so to speak, from the strap bar to the "real bar". DD is currently been working clear hip to handstand into giants on strap bar. I believe her coach progresses from strap bar to pit bar to real bars. I'm...
  12. JBS

    For Parents Giants in strap bar

    My daughter did giants in the strap bar for the first time by herself tonight! Sent from my iPod touch using ChalkBucket mobile app
  13. 2

    Gloves vs. PVC for strap bar

    Why would you use either one? Advantages/disadvantages...
  14. twisting007bigflip

    Strap Bar - Is it possible to.....

    Make a strap bar using the high bar of the women's uneven bars? I'm just thinking there has to be some way of doing this safely.... This probably sounds like a horrible idea to some of you... Anyway, for those coaches without access to strap bars, how do you train giants and other stuff...
  15. C

    what is a "strap bar"?

    what is a strap bar???
  16. Canadian_gym_mom

    Cast handstand connected to giants on strap bar! - And a QUESTION?

    DD did this last night!! I posted a little while back that she was scared of going over on the giants. Well the coach had her start with tuck giants, then raised the bar but still let her do them in tuck, then had her work on them with a tuck and straightening her legs at the bottom, then she...
  17. D

    Strap bar giants! help!

    Hi, okay, so I have my front giants on strap bar, but I cannot get my back giants, and those are the ones I need! on my back swing, I get to a complete handstand, but in my forward swing I get almost to. handstand I go " belly up" as my coach says... i feel like if I pull my feet over ( so I do...
  18. G

    Blinds on Strap Bar?

    So, I was watching random YouTube videos and this came up: Obviously only one hand is strapped in. It looks like she's still swinging on PVC pipe (but not a very wide one). Has anyone else ever seen this? I never have, and I wouldn't have thought the straps would...
  19. S

    Strap Bar

    Hi, I was just wondering. When on the strap bar, the coach has the girls wear a band around the wrist. Does it sound like some sort of supportive band?
  20. L

    Giants - strap bar progression?

    Hi all! I've been doing giants on the strap bar for a while now, but when I tried working on the "regular" bar with grips, I was completely stuck and couldn't do even one. Basically, what I wanted to know is - are there any tips that might help me out here? I mean, there's got to be some...