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  1. T

    WAG Bar loop size

    With the search function doing its own thing at the moment, I thought it best to just ask rather than hoping it's fixed before I need to place the order! ;) Choosing glove size was easy enough, but I don't know how to decide what loop size to get. I've always heard you're supposed to try other...
  2. Aero

    For Coaches What do I need for strap bar work?

    I want to get my girls started on strap bar drills for nice taps in both directions, kips, long hang pull overs, and eventually free hips and giants. However, my gym doesn't have the equipment for it. We do have a men's steel bar, but no gloves or straps or anything. What exactly do I need for a...
  3. PalmTree

    For Coaches How to use gloves in straps

    We have a men's high rail that has pvc pipe on it and we use it as a strap bar. How do you strap someone in with gloves (so they can practice wrist shifting)? What kind of gloves do you use? Anything to be careful of?
  4. T

    For Coaches When to start strap bar?

    The boys need work on tap swings and we need to make a lot of progress this year, biggest issue is its tough to get these bars chalked up right now because we use them all for giants for straps for the girls, is it ever too early to start using strap bar?
  5. twisting007bigflip

    Strap Bar - Is it possible to.....

    Make a strap bar using the high bar of the women's uneven bars? I'm just thinking there has to be some way of doing this safely.... This probably sounds like a horrible idea to some of you... Anyway, for those coaches without access to strap bars, how do you train giants and other stuff...
  6. C

    what is a "strap bar"?

    what is a strap bar???
  7. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Gloves for strap bar

    Thus far, I've been having my kids train strap bar on a PVC pipe around the bar. However, I'm hearing more and more coaches saying that it's better for them to wear gloves and not use a pipe. This makes sense, and I'd like to have my boys start working strap bar this way. What sort of gloves...