ankle brace suggestions?

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Feb 26, 2011
Hi everyone! Some of you know I hurt my right ankle really badly at the end of last august and it's finally getting to the point where I feel comfortable doing more jumping on it. The brace I use right now really doesn't do anything because it's just one I had from a prior ankle sprain and it isn't really made for sports.

I'm really looking for a good new brace to buy so I can finally get back to working skills on something besides bars, so if any of you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Thanks in advance :]
The Brace that I have been using since I was about 8 (im 14 now) is ASO. I started out getting juust the one they sold at this brace store near my house that was reccomended but it was really itchy (and im bad with things that itch) so we got the specialized one for like 10 dollars more which they said would prevent the thing from itching and basically it waslike having a soft layer on the inside and it helped a lot. Ive been using this same brand and style of brace since I was 8 and got really bad tendonitisthat led to an almost stress fracture. I have to wear a brace or tape my ankle (which is another option, but it gets expensive) at every practice and competition since my ankes are weak and my right one rolls. You can getthem online I believe and if you look around online or in the phonebook you could probably find a brace store , or ask your doctor if he knows a good place to buy braces, and they generally will sell them. I hope this helps!
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Most people love the ASO ones. I wanted one but no stores near me carry it and the fitting seems kind of precise, I didn't want to risk ordering online and I fell between 2 sizes. A lot of girls at my gym have a lace up Swede-O, I guess you get some liner with it so it can be worn barefoot. I ended up getting a MacDavid one at a sporting good store, it is lace up and has side straps, luckily I do t&t and wear socks but I think this brace might really hurt without socks, it works really good though. I did like the fact I got to try it on before buying it.
I have an Active Anke brace from Dicks and I really like it. It says to wear it with a sock but I don't and it works fine. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have it; my ankle kills when I tumble without a brace after I sprained it really badly and was in a boot for a month about a year ago.
Go see your doctor or a physical therapist. They will suggest the right one for you. Because mine came from the physical therapist as a "prescription," they were free. Yup, no cost to me at all. And besides that benefit, it really is a medical issue that you should be addressing with a professional if your ankle is that bad.
My dd pulled some ligaments in her ankle, and the doctor put her in a Swede-O. It's great!!! She did all of her tumbling, etc... wearing it and never complained that it hurt at all.
I just pulled two ligaments in my ankle last night!:( Today the doctor gave me an ASO brace and it works well but no gymnastics for me for a quite a few weeks :(
Hey ladies. A broken ankle put me out of competition for this year and I wish I could take back that mistake every day! I am a new believer that every gymnast should wear ankle braces at all times to help avoid injury. Unfortunately, I haven't found a brace yet for my healing ankle. Can any of you suggest one? A trainer at my school mentioned looking at Ultra Ankle but I really want a review of their braces first. Has anyone used them?
Thanks for the advice!
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