Any T&T judes or people who can help me with a ?

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May 4, 2009
I have a question specifically for T&T folks, as I know artistic gymnastics is very different. I am 27 years old and will be competing T&T I have numerous tattoos. The long sleeve leo covers the arm ones but I also have them on my legs, neck and feet. None of them are offensive but they are large and stand out. I have read over and over the dress code and cannot find anything about tattoos, just piercings. I want to know if I will be scored lower due to the tattoos if I choose not to try and hide them. I know I can use tape, but with the number of tattoos and how large they are I would like pretty silly with tape all over me. I also know I can wear pants and tramp shoes, but right now they are an extra expense and I don't really want to wear pants as none of the girls do. I will or course discuss this with my coach, but I am looking for input from other T&T people.

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Jun 6, 2008
Tattoos: All visible tattoos must be covered with flesh color or athletic tape. Deduction 0.3 pt per pass.

This is the rule for USTA and AAU, so I'm guessing it is the same or close for USAG if that is what you are competing. I have seen male competitors especially with a lot of athletic tape on them. I'm not sure if there is any make-up concealer that would work?


It's a deduction for distracting attire.

Other things in this category include jewelry (except properly secured medical IDs, which it's advised to show them ahead of time, or was when I competed. They'd rather you wear those than not if applicable), finger and toe nail polish, and underwear/bra straps that don't match your leo sticking out. Some of these rules are sillier than others IMHO.

It'd probably be really expensive and obscenely hot, but I'd bet either Dermablend (makeup for covering scars and such) or some sort of pancake foundation would cover you.
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