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hi everyone i am new here and i was just wondering what the average rate for babysitting in your area is what area you live in ex. canada B.C. (not where i live) and any tips or tricks that you may have for babysitting! sorry for my rambaling:rolleyes:
Sep 6, 2009
Well I live in the U.S. The babysitting rate in my state is anywhere from $5-$8 an hour. I babysit for two different families and they both pay my $5 an hour. My friend however, babysits too and she gets $7 an hour. Do you enjoy babysitting? I do! I love love love little kids.
Aug 22, 2009
New Hampshire
I dont really have an hourly rate. When parents ask me I tell them" whatever you think is fair". And that works out really well.

I have 4 familys I always babysit for and a few I sometimes do.

some pay me 5 and hour
while one of them pays me 10 an hour!

I also always like to bring a speacial thing each time i come.
Either a game
a craft kit
or beads(for older kids! )

Hope this helps!
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