WAG Back Hip Circle and Sole-Circle Dismount Help

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Dec 23, 2018
Hi, I’m new to gymnastics (a few months in). I’m supposed to be competing bars tomorrow, and I’m really nervous. Today, I was trying to do back hip circle and I just kept stopping. I would just cast and not do it. I only did a few and I was on bars for two hours. Also, I can’t do a sole-circle dismount. I take my feet off WAY too early. I’ve never done one before. And again, I have to compete tomorrow. We get 3 minutes to warm up and that’s my only time on bars before I compete. Please help!!!
I can’t help you for a sole circle, but for the back hip:
- after casting, try to lean backwards
- get your hip back to the bar
- keep your arms straight
- stay in a tight body position

If you do all those things, the back hip circle should probably do itself. And if you feel a bit insecure, just don’t cast THAT high. I know you would get points deducted, put in my case, it helped me to at least do the back hip circle.

Good Luck!
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