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i've been working back fulls from big tramp into a pit and i'm getting them easy with good hight but when i do them off double mini i can't get the full, i become scared and think i pull out of my rotation. would it make a difference if on the double mini i was going from a RO into the full or a backflip into the full? its really frustrating cause i'm teaching my gymnasts to do them but i cant get them myself. oh also i used to be able to do then well but stopped training for like 4 years and just cant get it back. please HELP>


you have become comfortable with training them on big tramp into pit but more than likely have not become comfortable on doing them off the double mini.

just go back to working the lays off double mini, then the 1/2 and hop turn half until you get accustomed to the new surface. it will have a different timing and feel.
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