WAG Back walkover on beam

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Jul 11, 2014
My daughter is having issues with this skill. She actually said she hated it. She has started practicing her BHS on beam and says this is easier. She is still on the floor doing the BHS on a foam beam.

She says the BWO hurts her back. Is she perhaps doing it wrong or is she just not flexible enough yet? Or... any other suggestions?

We just switched gyms and she was behind. I believe they are going to start her L4 because of this. Also, she is starting there because some of those skills (though she has them all now and many of some of the next couple levels) aren't real pretty yet. She just can't get this BWO.

My OG has issues with the BWO also and they started when she was almost 11. Luckily, now at L5, there is the option to do the BHS instead of BWO.

If it is something that hurts her back, it should be extremely limited and more stretching be done... plus, it wouldn't hurt to have a doctor check it out ;)
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My opinion: if a kid tells me that BWOs hurt their back, they don't do them. Period. We move to back handsprings.
That is what I told OG. But she won't do a BHS on beam (and she USED to have a very pretty BWO-BWO connection back when she was 10 years old and just moving to old L6). We don't do BWO anymore and bridges are limited.
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