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  1. Beam Queen

    WAG Sapphire Beam Dismount

    This year I'm planning to compete Xcel Sapphire, but I'm struggling to find a beam dismount that works well. If I'm not mistaken, I need either a B salto or a B flight skill connected to an A salto. Right now I'm working a round off back tuck, but back tucks really freak me out. My coach really...
  2. pandaamiko

    WAG Platinum beam dismount

    Can a gymnast preform a standing back tuck off the beam as a dismount in xcel platinum? Will it count?
  3. D

    WAG L8 beam dismount, 2 ??

    My daughter is currently doing a CW-BT. We know this is not up leve. How much is it costing her point wise min/max? What are her options? She is not a fan of forward flipping. Because I would like to speak about it with her and not say what other flippy options do you have.... TIA
  4. P

    WAG Beam dismount question-copper2

    Good morning! Please excuse my "newbieness". I know very little about gymnastics. I have scouted the internet, YouTube, this site and the rule book and cannot locate a conclusive answer to my question. I'm hoping someone can help. My daughter is in USAIGC gymnastics. She is competing at a...
  5. S

    WAG Platinum beam dismount options

    DD has recently been struggling with front tuck beam dismount and I am wondering if there are other non-salto Platinum level beam dismount options we could substitute, if needed, for State next weekend? Worst time ever for a mental block on a skill she has been doing for years....
  6. John

    WAG Beam dismount

    Is a roundoff full allowed in level 7? Short and sweet.
  7. G

    WAG Level 9 Beam Dismount

    For level nine dismounts, are you required to do at least a full twist? Or is this just one option that fits the requirement? Also, what would the deductions be for doing only a roundoff back tuck?
  8. All Chalked Up

    WAG Aerial full beam dismount

    Coach wants me to compete an aerial full dismount off beam in level 8 or 9. What is the skill worth (A, B?), and does anyone have a video? I can't find one, and I'm a kid who needs to see it before they do it. Thanks for the help!
  9. tegan_tegan

    Beam dismount value;which would be better?

    For 3 years I have been doing/learning round off back tuck, layout and twisting as my dismount on beam and then my coach since I have had since level 3 (I am now level 8) has left to go coach at a different gym. So we got a new coach and he started teaching me front tuck full dismount off beam...
  10. E

    WAG C beam dismount ideas?

    By the way, twisting is not generally my thing... I did round off half dismount fine but just can't seem to get it around to do a full, let alone 1 1/2... Also front dismounts weren't really my thing either. Any ideas? *My excuse is that I LOVE beam so much that I just do NOT want to get off...
  11. momto8in10

    Parents Level 6 Beam Dismount

    I understand that there aren't points added or taken away for difficulty; but what is the skill level difference in beam dismounts? For that matter, what are the options? Front tuck, cartwheel/back tuck and backwalkover/back tuck? Which is considered the most difficult/advanced? Just looking for...
  12. Aero

    WAG Standing double back tuck beam dismount?

    I was thinking "what if?" about this earlier and I wanted to get some community advice to satisfy my curiosity. The idea is performing a standing double backward tucked somersault off the end of the beam as a dismount. Perhaps some of the knowledgeable people on here can enlighten me. My...
  13. M

    WAG L10 Beam Dismount

    My daughter has had trouble doing twisting skills. I think she learned to do arabians first at her former gym. So when she was being trained for fulls shortly thereafter, she was twisting very early and getting lost in the air. In addition, I think she was rushed into doing fulls for TOPs and...
  14. Ali'sMom

    WAG L3 Beam Dismount question

    I'm still very new here, and still feel new to the whole gym thing (DD just finished 2nd year competing, she's in 5th grade), and I always have what I think are stupid questions, so I don't ask at the gym, etc. Anyway, I figured I could ask you fine folks :) Does anyone have any tips to...
  15. R

    Parents Beam dismount?

    Dd1 has been working on a front walkover off our footstool at home (which i try to stop her doing, as I dont like her doing that sort of thing at home) and at gym last night she did it off the beam - so she goes into a handstand at the end of the beam, arches over and lands on her feet. Is this...
  16. I

    WAG Double layout beam dismount

    Catalina Ponor training a double layout off beam!! Catalina Ponor training Double Layout Dismount of Beam - YouTube
  17. G

    Parents Level 6 Beam Dismount (Not Holding First Handstand Long Enough)

    My daughter's first Level 6 meet is coming up soon, and she is struggling w/ holding the regular handstand at the start of the beam dismount long enough...she is just going right from the first handstand to the side handstand (then twists down from there)...her hands place correctly for it all...
  18. E

    Back tuck beam dismount!!!

    hehe im so happy! i went into the gym tonight, and i was determined to get my back tuck dismount, despite never trying it in my life :b so i got a couple spots and then i did it! off of the high beam! lol just so pumped right now. i just cant believe i have a new competition dismount! i have...
  19. E

    back tuck beam dismount tips?!?

    Okay so im getting sick of front tucks off of the beam (ugh sooo annoying.) so tonight in gym im starting a back tuck dismount :) so i was wondering if any of you EPIC people have any tips on how to do it?! thanks so much :) <3
  20. C

    L3 beam dismount question

    My dd is in AAU level 3. The beam dismount is the cartwheel to side handstand 1/4 turn. I was just wondering if the gymnast does the cartwheel side handstand but doesn't do the 1/4 turn (so comes straight down landing on the same side they are facing instead of the opposite side) is this...

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