Parents Chicago Meet L8 Video

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Wow, she looks great! What a solid beam tumbler she is! I think she has great form and technique. She should be proud. Way to go! :)
OOhh Granny....She did a GREAT JOB! I just knew she would nail that vault this time! YIPPIIEEE! The beam was awesome too...I thought should have been scored a little higher even but what do I know since I am used to watch L4 stuff only, LOL

Bars scared me a little...I was surprised she let you post it, but still beautiful, she makes it look so easy. Floor she always looks great on.

The meet did look like a alot of fun. Nice venue!. I am not sure if my DD will ever make it up to travel meets levels, but it sounded like you had a good time there.
Not open for further replies.