MAG Does your gym do Event Coaching or Team Coaching?

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Men's Artistic Gymnastics
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Aug 20, 2009
Just curious how others do this. Our gym has probably 15 boys split amongst levels 4, 5 and 6. We have 2 coaches. In the past each coach was solely responsible for any particular level. 1 coached 4 and 5 the other coached 6. All teams were generally there at the same time, so there was some cross-coaching but for the most part they each had their teams.

Now they are talking about doing event coaching instead where one would have 3 events, and the other would have the other 3. I know the girls program does this at our gym, and it seems to work well.

What do you think? Are there drawbacks? Do you like it better?


Jul 10, 2009
NW Arkansas
Yea I've seen lots of girls gyms do that...most gyms had 4 coaches for the each event. I've never heard of a mens team doing it but I dont see anything wrong with it, I rather have myself and the other coach together, get a different perspective from what he sees as well
Jun 3, 2009
From what I've seen most men's programs do not have event coaches, but a head coach and an assistant or two. I think the event coaches work out better for the girls programs since there are a greater number of girls coaches out there, and girls programs are typically a lot larger than the mens programs.

Myself, I enjoy coaching every event. I think it is beneficial to have another coach around too to get a different perspective.


I thought posted on this thread but maybe it didn't get through.

Some of the gyms with bigger men's programs event coach. Some do not. I know Cypress Academy does and I have done it before at some MAG gyms.

I think the bigger issue is the lack of knowledge men's coaches and smaller group sizes that can't justify two coaches.
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