For Parents Does your gymmie get a snack break?

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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I am of course mostly speaking about those who practice 3 or 4 hours (or more I guess) at a time.

I ask because up until today, my DD got a 10 minute snack break at every practice. Today they were told that this was their last day for snack breaks because they had been leaving messes and had been warned before, etc, so no more snack breaks. :confused:

A couple of us moms of young L4s were sitting together watching today and during snack break the HC happened to be near us and made a comment to one of the moms about her daughter. That mom then proceeded to ask her if they were no longer getting snack breaks. The HC then told us that yes, they weren't having snack breaks anymore because the gym owner had decided that it wasn't needed anymore for the L4s because they only practice 3 hours. So we asked about the one day they practice 4 hours and she said that no, they are wanting to squeeze in 4 rotations on 2 days of the week since on one day a week they focus a lot on beam. :confused: :confused: :confused:

Why tell the girls one thing and us another? I am very confused and upset. I DO think they need a 10 minute snack break. They work out hard and even though my DD doesn't usually finish her snack, she is upset she won't get one anymore. More upset because she said she does clean up her mess and that it isn't fair.

I am considering talking to the owner about this, mostly because I find the discrepancy between what the girls were told and what we were told disturbing. Also because I think a snack break is a good thing.

So, does your gymmie get a snack break?

And, am I making a bigger issue out of this that it is? :mad:
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Feb 16, 2008
Our girls get a snack break, about 15 min in a 3 hour practice. There have been times that the break has been taken away due to not cleaning up the snack room. Once it was taken away from the L5, but the L4 still got theirs. DD really hated the night that she practiced with the L5, because she too lost the break and had extra conditioning. I will look forward to snack break when school starts, because DD a times will do homework then.



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Jan 4, 2008
It really is not nessesary to have a snack break in a 3 hour training session. That is not a long time to go without food (water of course yes, they must have). For kids training 4 hours then I would say yes, a quick snack may be needed, but not 3.

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Dd's workout is 4 hrs long and they do not get a snack break. They are aloud to have a snack, but she basically would have to shove it down her throat while she is putting her grips on for bars (because she goes to the locker room to get her grips.) For the most part I make sure she has something on the way to the gym and I always have something for her in the car when I pick her up - never a problem.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Ours only get water breaks. They have been getting a lot of those lately because it has been so hot and there is no AC in the gym.

I usually make sure mine eats a snack before class, then I usually get her something from the snack bar to eat in the car on the way home. Once we get home it is dinner so she does fine. She practices 3 to 3.5hrs right now but even the girls doing 4hrs only get water breaks. Most of them get a snack from the snack bar on the way out.


When my dd first was a level 4 they got a snack break just to help them get used to the schedule, but it was only a temporary thing. Now she gets no snack break (with the exception of 1 day week when they practice for 5 hours and spend the first hour running). She usually comes out of practice starving though. Four hours may not seem like that long a time without food - but when you are working hard for that time - it really is. She does bring vitamin water now though and keeps it in her locker - I figure at least it has some sugar/calories to help hold her over a little. She is like me - if our blood sugar drops too low we are not very pleasant to be around.


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Yes, to snack time at our gym. Over the past 2 years there have been times when they left a mess and were punished for it. DD brings a little cooler bag w/fruit, oatmeal breakfast bar, dry cereal, and maybe some pretzels. She doesn't eat all of it, but we keep it in the snack bag anyway & replenish it at the end of the week. They like to share and trade too. W/ Summer schedule they are in there sometimes 4+ hrs and DD doesn't really eat breakfast before she goes so I am glad they still allow them to do it.


Proud Parent
May 21, 2008
No snacks here either. they train 4hrs at a time. We have a snack/meal before and eat in the car on the way home. The ride is 10 min. home and they cannot make it that long without food or they will DIE!!!
Jan 22, 2008
We do not get a snack break. If they practice over 4 hours then yes they can have a small snack. Of course they can have something small like power bar when they get their 5 minute water break. DD has been fine with the no break. Honestly they adjust to it pretty quickly. Now during camp they had one hour for lunch and swimming but they were there 8 hours. Now dd will have a bananna on the way to practice and an apple on the way home to tide her over till dinner or lunch.

As for the snack I cut up a power bar and put it in a container so she can just pop a bite quickly if she needs it. Most of the time DD never touches it.


Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2007
oooohhhh.. this is REALLY a touchy subject at our current gym. Our previous gym had NO snack break. They could go get water as often as they liked, and if they REALLY needed something to eat, they could run and grab a bite and then get right back to practice. This was for Level 4. Level 5's had no snack break. They thought was that they're working so hard, that they their bodies don't have a chance to get hungry, and that taking a "formal" break would allow their muscles to cool down.

Last year at our new gym, ALL the Levels had a formal 20 minute break. Practice runs from 5:00 to 8:30. Now I'm AGAINST that kind of break for 2 reasons.... number one, yes, I feel that after a break that long, they'd need another warmup before they get back to working out AND, I'd like to see that 20 minutes taken off the end of practice so the girls could get home earlier and get their homework done rather than staying up til 11:00 p.m.

(Now of course I'm talking about the older girls, the pre-teams, developmental teams, etc. are a totally different story w/regards

This is an issue we parents talk about frequently!!!


We had the same issue this week! Thru a miscommunication between the coach and owner my daughter's group who practices in 4- 5 hour blocks did not get a break. The girls were weepy and pathetic at the end, and as it was the first day of school, some had come straight from school to the gym (middle school ends at 4:15, practice starts at 4:30 and ends at 8:30).

Turns out, they will still have a 15 minute snack, during which most girls take dinner. I don't think they can work thru the dinner hour without it. My daughter usually comes home and eats a heavy snack after practice.
Jan 21, 2008
My dd only gets water breaks during her workouts, which are 3 hours long. I feed her before and after workouts, so it's usually not a problem.


DD gets no official snack breaks and works out for 4 hours. It hasn't been a problem. She eats fruit and cheese and such on the way to the gym and has dinner in the car on the way home (with plenty of protein). The girls get plenty of water breaks and some times some of them will put a bite of something in their mouths before heading back out. DD doesn't so that. She never wants a snack during practice.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Thanks guys. I know she can adjust to the no snack thing and I will have her take one anyway and she can keep it in her locker and grab a quick bite if she needs it.

I think what is making me really irritated is that the coach told us something totally different. Which story is it? I don't like guilting my kids into things. My DD is upset about it because she doesn't leave a mess and if it is because of messes, why couldn't she tell us that? I guess the different stories is what has me really upset. Any ideas on that?


During the regular school year dd trains in 3 hour blocks and does not get any snack neither do thoses who train 4 hour blocks.

Now during the summer dd went to their team camp from 9 am to 4 pm. The morning session is 4 hours with no snack break they have a 1 hour break for lunch then back for another 2 hours of training.

I was really concerned about the schedule at the beginning of the summer. But dd is in LOVE with gymnastics again. She goes through cycles and is really on the up side of the cycle theses days. She loves her camp, friends, training, coaches, etc. She told the other day that she is really loving bars. She did her first cast handstand with no spot. She said she arched her back a little on the handstand hold but was happy she did not go over.

Once school starts it will be another adjustment period for dd. She only wants to do gym in morning. HC has already spoken to me about having dd participate in their morning program. That would require homeschooling and I don't think I ready for that now nor do I think dd is old enough for that kind of commitment. HC understood and we'll discuss it again next summer.
Jan 17, 2008
For the first few years of Preteam and team DD had a 15 minute break. Practice was from 4:00 - 8:30. Then last year the coaches decided to take away the break.

And yes there was uproar.. turns out Coaches wanted to change practice so the girls could be done at 8:00 and maybe get home intime to have a late enough dinner with their families. We are thankful for that!

They are given the option to have a granola/power bar or other snack in their locker if they need a pick me up. DD does have a snack and takes a few bites during water and bathroom breaks..

I think it was harder when DD was younger. She was a little underweight and didnt ever want to eat so it was a stuggle to get enough food in her..

If your DD isnt allowed to have a snack then I would make sure the snacks are smarter. Cheeses, proteins, fruits etc...


DD gets no official snack breaks and works out for 4 hours. It hasn't been a problem. She eats fruit and cheese and such on the way to the gym and has dinner in the car on the way home (with plenty of protein). The girls get plenty of water breaks and some times some of them will put a bite of something in their mouths before heading back out. DD doesn't so that. She never wants a snack during practice.

And as soon as I said that, DD was popping in the grapes at each water break in practice tonight. School must've made her hungry. :D
Jan 9, 2008
I worry also about daughter eating enough. They practice in the morning for 41/2 hours without a snack. This would be fine but my daughter will hardly eat breakfeast in the morning, she got sick one day at practice and now she is afraid to eat, she also does not seem to be hungry in the morning. Maybe they are afraid the girls will get sick if they eat then go right back to practice. After I pick her she is starving so she does eat alot. I just worry about her body needing the fuel to work out so hard. They get drink breaks. I will be glad when she goes back to evening practice and she can eat before class.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
It does seem weird to me that all these girls don't get snack breaks, but reading the other thread that Bog noted made me realize one positive I can agree with. No clique-yness. I have noticed some issues with it and now that won't be a problem.

***I really want to know if anyone has an opinion on my big issue with all this, the fact that her coach told us something totally different than what the girls were told. I am still really upset about this.
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