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Hi CB! My name is Dan Gill; I was a gymnast at Stanford and for the US until 2004, then got forced out of the sport due to injuries.

Nowadays I live out in the San Francisco Bay Area and try to get to as many meets as I can. I'll be at the second day of Men's USAs and both days of Olympic Trials...can't wait.

I'll try to swing by the forum periodically - thanks!
hey! i am going to watch the olympic trials also, but i'll be there for the girls. i am so excited!

For those of you who don't know who we are talking about:

YouTube - Dan Gill - double double punch front

I had to do a little bragging for you. I saw a number of Stanford meets back in "your day".

It's great to have you on here...I'm sure people would appreciate your input.

Have any interest in coaching? I'm sure a lot of clubs around the Bay Area could use your help!
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Wow, that was an amazing routine. Welcome to the board Dan, as Lannamativity said we;d love your input here.
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