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Hi there,

I will be leaving for flordia in a couple a weeks for a gymnastics camp. I would like to know in simplest form what size and weight each person is allowed to bring on the plane and what kind of bags are allowed and how many. I have many questions so bare with me. Can you bring bottled water on the plane? Can you bring a hair straightner on carry on? What type of Vera Bradly bags can you bring for carry on? How long should you arrive before the flight? What about medications that have perscription?
You dont have to answer all the questions but please help and answer as many as you can.:D:D:D:D

Im so nervous this will be my first time flying!
Any extra advice will be appriciated.
Thank You!:):):):):)
I hope you have a great trip. You will love flying. I work for an airline and I love it. What I copied below might help you. You can bring bottled water on board just not through security. I always arrive 2 hours prior to flight. This allows you plenty of time to check in and get through security which during the summer months can be very crowded. Most airlines allow 1 carry on suitcase and 1 personal item like a purse or backpack or something like that. Yes you can bring medications.

Most importantly... bring patience. Summer month traveling always brings extra headaches like full flights, long security lines, thunderstorms, hurricanes, little things like that.

What carry-on baggage is allowed?
Personal items include handbags, umbrellas, walking sticks, coats, cameras, reading matter, infant food, briefcases, and laptop computers.
Canes, walkers, crutches, and other assistive devices capable of being collapsed small enough to fit in overhead bins or underneath a seat are welcome inside the cabin and will not count toward your carry-on limit.
No carry-on item may exceed overall dimensions of 55 inches (length + width + height). All carry-on items must fit under the seat or in the overhead bin. Any heavy item must be placed underneath the customer's seat. Any item with inflexible surfaces must be placed underneath the customer's seat or flat on the floor of an overhead bin.
Knives or sharp objects will not be allowed in carry-on baggage or past the security checkpoint. Any sharp items you may need in your travels should be packed in your checked baggage. Customers dependent upon syringe-injected medications may carry on such items. The TSA has instituted specific rules for carry-on of liquids, gels and aerosols. We encourage you to review the security rules for these carry-on items.
Specific items prohibited from carry-on baggage due to security restrictions include: metal scissors with pointed tips and a cutting edge longer than four inches in length, tools greater than seven inches in length, knives of any length, cutting instruments including carpet knives, box cutters and folding or retractable blades regardless of blade length or composition. Straight razors are prohibited, but disposable razors, e.g., Gillette or Bic, are allowed. Learn more about specific items that are permitted or not permitted.
Oooo, have fun! My first time on a plane was a lot of fun, its kinda neat racing down the runway at like 300 miles an hour!

You should probably ask your parents for help as they might know better. But pretty much you can bring 1 bag and a "personal item" on the plane with you. The bag should be small enough to go in the overhead bin, and the personal item under the seat. Usually the personal item is like a backpack or purse. Don't put sharp metal things in the bags you bring on the plane. You should put anything liquid (like shampoo) you have in a bag that you check, but put it in little plastic baggies just in case it breaks. If you have water bottles you have to pack them in the bag that you check. Make sure you have some money and you can buy a bottle of water at one of the shops in the airport if you might get thirsty on the plane.

Everyone in my family flies a lot and no one has ever had the airline lose a bag. But just in case, make sure you put anything that you really can't live without, like medicine and money and cell phone and maybe a change of clothes into the bag you bring onto the plane. That way you will always have it.

Now when you get to the airport, you check in, they give you a boarding pass and they take the bag that you are going to check. Some airlines charge money to check a bag, so if your parents are dropping you off that isn't a problem but make sure you have money to pay for the bag when you are flying back. Then when you get to the security line you have to take anything metal in your pockets out and put them in a little bin and then put the bin and your carry on bag on the x-ray machine. Then you give your boarding pass to the person so he can check it (get it back!) and get your stuff off the x-ray machine. Find the gate, and then they tell you what to do after. Its pretty easy. I flew by myself a couple of times and its not so bad.
Flying is great fun.

Do you have a Roxy bag? They're great for flying. Generally any bag will be fine, barring those massive things you could fit a body in. It's generally 5kg for hand luggage but they've never weighed mine. Bottled water is ok given you buy it (in duty free) after you have gone through security. Although last summer they wouldn't let me on with mine even though I drank it in front of him.

I swear I have extra metal in my body or something, I have no earrings, belts, anything on and I still set the metal detectors off. Don't worry about flying, it's much safer than even going in a car!! You'll have a great time.
Sounds like your Psyched for a great week. Your best bet is to call the airlines directly and ask them all these same questions. We can tell you what our experience is but in the end your at the discression of the airlines and what they choose to allow.
I swear I have extra metal in my body or something, I have no earrings, belts, anything on and I still set the metal detectors off. Don't worry about flying, it's much safer than even going in a car!! You'll have a great time.

LOL I thought the same thing until I remembered I had an underwire bra on and they do set the alarms off. Some times the studs and rivits in jeans will do it too.
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