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Aug 3, 2007
What are the best on-line resources for gymnasts' floor music? We are familiar with Floor Express, Music Tailor, Energym, and Musical Designs. Are there any more out there that we should look at, preferably companies that offer on-line demo listening? Do you have favorite companies that you feel offers the best style of floor music? Thanks a lot!


Personally, I liked energym because I could listen to whatver song I wanted on-line (some sites are limited) Two of their songs were in my top 3. In the end, I picked one that my coach already had from years ago(Tainted Love) but that site helped me a lot.


I like the little guy from magic melodies. He can send you a song via mp3 for you to . if the song in in his stock already it only cost $19.95. If he has to create it for you it is $50. This is US dollars. We also use Barry nease. He also will play songs for you over the phone for you to listen..


Hi y'all! I'm happy to see Musical Designs mentioned in this floor music thread because we have some really great songs! :) We have a download section where you can purchase demo MP3s, but there's also a "free demo" section where you can listen to quite a few of our songs for free (just go to our Song List page). In addition, I want to let you know that we'll be happy to play any song for you over the phone, too.

We try not to produce duplicate floor music songs, so a lot of our music is one-of-a kind (which is great if you're looking for music that isn't overly used at meets). And with Musical Designs, you are never "just" a customer - we enjoy hearing back from all of our gymnasts. So we would like to invite all of our Chalk Bucket friends to visit us online the next time you're looking for floor music!

Thanks! :)
Karen Habegger
Musical Designs
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