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Hi everyone!
i just wanted to introduce myself :)
i took gymnastics when i was 8-11 then quit and started ballet.
i am now back into it and couldn't be happier!
i am 14 years young, and a girl.
Oh, I'm also from Canada, eh :D
Feb 26, 2007
Welcome, and I am from Canada too, great eh? We have quite a few gymnasts from Canada here and we'd love to have many more! Hope you like the CB as much as I do.
our levels are according to CanGym it may be a little different lol
im in intermediate, and working on my purple badge (level 5)
im kind of at a low level for my age, but thats from taking all those years off :(
Feb 16, 2009
ON, Canada
As gymnasticsxo said she is in the CanGym program which is what we use for recreational classes age 5 and up. The kids get badges as they pass each level. Since gymnasticsxo is at level 5 in CanGym, she might pass as a level 2 interclub athlete in Canada which would put in in possibly pre-team in the states (assumin pre-team comes because level 3). Hope that helps.
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