Front Handsprings and Some More

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I was wondering how difficult it is to do a front handspring front layout full or front handspring front flip front flip. I can do a full just fine on tumble track, but I've never tried to rebound before on floor. I can also do the front tuck front layout on tumble track fine. I want to know how hard it is, and how reasonable for level 8 in the future. I want to know before I ask my coach so they don't think that I'm insane (I'm only level 6, but I want to learn lots of level 8+ skills)

May 7, 2010
New Jersey
If you can do it well on tumble track it shouldn't be that much more difficult on. How are your rebounds after your FHS on floor? Have you tried your FHS flips on a 4" mat on the floor? Have you tried it on a sting mat on the floor?
Not open for further replies.