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Jan 2, 2009
We are having our home meet in a week (YIKES!) and I got shanghaied, I mean volunteered, to head up the gift shop committee. We have most everything in place, but since I am a crafter, I am making a few of the items. I am making notebooks (the 70 page kind you use for school) and I am putting gymnast graphics and sayings on them. Also making zipper pulls and stuff like that. Any input about what we should charge?


gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Being right after Christmas, I would go on the low side for price. Of course, you want to cover your costs(bless you for making all this cute stuff!) and have a small profit. Usually food is where the money at a meet comes from.
My thinking would be make 1 set of price signs to put out before the meet and see how things sell. If stuff isn't moving, then have signs with lower prices on to put out and try and get people buying on their way out.


Jan 9, 2009
Typically, and I know this from working with our gym and studio's business end, mark-up is 50-100%. So, if it cost you $1 to make an item, you should sell it for $1.50 or $2. Now, if something like a zipper pull cost you very little to create, such as 50 cents, you could try to sell it for $2 or $3, since many people wouldn't think twice about spending $2 on something like that.

Hope this helped. And good luck at your meet!


Jul 29, 2007

I tried to look up your blog to get some ideas and there must be something wrong b/c it gave me an error.
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