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Honestly, you can do well on anything if you're willing to put in the effort.

You'd probably have really nice lines on bars, but you'd have to work on your core strength to keep from tapping.

If you can dance, floor could be to your advantage... could probably generate some power if you can run well.

And beam. Center of gravity would make it a bit difficuly, but it could probably end up looking pretty.

But..alas, I'm no expert.
Height isn't going to play much of a role in what events you're good at. Every gymnast is naturally inclined to be better at certain events. The powerful, strong ones tend to do well on FX and VT; those who are very precise and controlled may excel more at BB and UB. Each event requires different types of strength and coordination. Don't feel your height is an issue. Taller gymnasts can look so pretty. I'm 5'7", and I did just fine :)
It really depends on things OTHER than your height. Where is your strength located? Are you more fast twitch or slow twitch muscle? Are you a good dancer? Do you have good balance? etc...

There's WAY more to gymnastics than just height.
Not open for further replies.