Healthy Snack Options (or lack there of...)

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Jan 4, 2008
Wow, thats really scary. As a coach I hate seeing my kids eat and drink that sort of stuff before class and it seems your gym is actively encouraging it. We do not sell food at our gym, we provide a water cooler and a microwave for gymnast to heat up something from home and thats it.

I can understand in a way why your gym is doing it, because food like this sells at lot more easily than healthy food. Kids see it and bug their parents to buy it, but you are right its a big mistake.

Health wise having snacks like this are a BIG mistake, they are all simple carbohydrates. What happens when you eat foods like this is that the body gets a rush of sugar and then it goes into overdrive and produces massive amounts of insulin to break down the sugar. So the kids get an energy high, but then after the food has quickly broken down there is too much insulin left in the body and the good carbs are also broken down too fast and the kids with then hit low energy and become sluggish and struggle to concentrate.

This is a safety issue in the gym, if the kids are going to hit a low during training there is far more risk of injury especially with long team workouts that often last 3-4 hours.

I would address it with the gym owner. I would simply say you are concerned with the junk food being sold and ask if healthier options could be offered. If you explain it similarly to the way you did on here I don't think they will be offended. In fact you may find others have made the same complaint and your could be the one that tips in in the right direction.
Jun 1, 2010
If I were you I would go in there with a garbage can and throw out all the junk food. There should be healthy food. Really there should.

Advantages: :)
More Energy.
Energy Lasts Longer.
Stomachs Won't Get Cramped Up.
They Will Be Healthier.
Many, Many More Advantages.

Disadvantage: :(
Mainly Younger Gymnasts won't want to eat the stuff, but once they understand the concept, and all the plus's they might. I hope I spelled that right. Like, fresh fruits, Water, Vegetables, Sandwiches, Maybe even certain fruit cups.


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Some healthy snacks options are mentioned as below:

1. 1 rye crisp bread with cottage cheese and a pinch of garam masala.
2. Small serve of tuna mixed with natural yoghurt and herbs, spread onto 3 celery sticks.
3. 4 carrot sticks, 2 cherry tomatoes, and 4 green beans served with guacamole dip.
4. 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce with 1 slice of wholegrain bread, toasted, and cut into 4 strips for dunking.

All Chalked Up

Mar 15, 2010
ENERGY drinks?! Are you serious!? Like a ten-year old (or older or younger)needs that! I always bring something like fruit, veggies, cheese and crackers, lean chicken or lean turkey on whole wheat bread, water and 100% fruit juice, etc. The coaches HATE it when kids bring crap. One of the coaches even got a nutrionist in, which is a pretty good idea. It's also not the best idea to bring peanut butter/Nutella (both are loaded with fat and sugar) and lots of people are allergic, including me.


That reply from the gym was um odd to say the least. Healthy snacks and drinks are a bit deal and should be taken seriously. All I can say is you are doing the right thing by your child. Keep going!
Apr 13, 2010
The key is to change the buyer not the seller.

I think you'd have a better chance talking to some of the parents about healthy options that the kids would eat. If many parents ask for healthier options and refuse to buy the junk maybe they would have to get healthier options. I think if the parents refused to buy the junk they would stop selling it.

Try to get a group of parents in this. The more of you that demand healthier options the more successfull you'll be.


Jan 18, 2009
Parents constantly amaze me with the food choices they make for their children. I coached one child who would routinely bring a 20 oz. soda to consume during practice in place of a water bottle and another who complained during practice about feeling sick because she drank soda and ate Fritos before practice :eek:. The fact that these kinds of snacks are available at the gym where healthy eating should be encouraged, is mind boggling. But I guess if people keep buying the gym will keep selling.
Try talking to the team coaches, see if perhaps they would be interested in bringing in a local dietician to talk with team kids and their parents about proper nutrition for competitive athletes. Or send home some information about how to best prepare children nutritionally for practice and competitions. It might light a spark under the parents to put some more thought into what they are feeding their children.
If there is a healthy, kid friendly snack your child really enjoys, you could perhaps casually mention it to the gym as a possibility to add to their existing snack selection. You could also do some research and see if any children on the team have food allergies or dietary restrictions, their parents might be willing to jump on board and support your efforts.
In the meantime, keep sending those healthy snacks with your daughter! She is learning incredibly valuable life lessons that might even rub off on a teammate.
My old gymnastics club had two venders. One for drinks, and one for food. The food one had fruit bars in it, chocolate bars in it, crisps (chips), general junk food. The drinks one had things like Diet Coke, Coca Cola, water, juice etc. I agree that healthier options are needed in gymnastics clubs, but there should also always be the sugar options incase it's required.


It is a good option for healthy snack.
I appreciate this snack option.!!!!!!!


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Sep 4, 2008
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