Horrible Falls??

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Nov 20, 2010
Florida/Region 8
I have had alot!!
I was once doing a free hip on bars and when I was on handstand my hand flung off the bar, I then straddled the bar on fell on by back! It hurt so bad!
Dec 8, 2007
I was doing a front tuck on beam and didn't open up in time so I landed on my face on the beam. I had beam burn all over my face for a couple weeks!


May 8, 2010
A while ago I was standing up on the low bar to jump to the high bar (Simple enough right?)I missed my feet on the squat on did basically a front flip over the bar and landed on my back.Not very painfull but deffinatly scary.Another time we were tumbling and I missed my feet on a simple ROBHS (the backhandspring part) and landed on my back,slid a few feet and stood back up.Haha,just knocked the wind out of me and got rugburn all the way up my back but nothing to painfull either.


Mar 30, 2010
OH, I have had a few of those falls myself.
At a competition during bars warm up I was jumping to the high bar and as I swung under one of my hands slipped and I stubbed my toe and I swung down and landed on my neck. I was a little stiff the next morning, funny thing was that I broke my big toe.
And I was on tramp I was doing back handspring set off into the pit, and didn't jump back far enough in the set and skidded my shins down the metal on the edge of the trampoline.


Moderator/Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Aug 3, 2009
In The Boondocks
My worst/scariest fall was probably on bars. I peeled out of my giant early and ended up doing sort of a layout flyaway, but I managed to nail my feet on the bar coming down, which 1) hit a blood vessel or something on one of my feet which resulted in this HUGE bloody looking/bruised bump, and 2) caused my motion to stop so I came down on my head. Luckily no serious damage but the idea of a neck injury scared me to death.

I actually saw this very thing happen yesterday at our meet. My dd wanted to go watch the level 10s compete (had to watch her beloved Ms. Morgan) and one of the girls did this exact thing. It was sooo scary to see. The way she hit the mat and her body just crumpled on top of itself. She let out this blood curdling scream..that was match a split second later by her mother. There was a "team medic" in the building and he, our gym owner (we were host gym), and our HC, her HC went running over to her. Our L10 coach ran outside for a few seconds, only to be followed back in by 2 EMTs. I guess they had them outside on stand by for such an inccident. (im guessing this is normal, i know when i was a kid they were always at ball games too). It was scary scary scary to see.
She did an excelent routine, and it was during her dismount that this happened. She did three giants, then let go and was flipping around and the tops of both her feet hit the high bar and it just drove her head first into the mat. I mean it looked like she was shot out of a canon she changed direction so fast.
She was taken to the ER, and a couple hours later they announced that she was okay. But it had potential to be life altering


Oct 4, 2009
Oh i forgot one on my back yard trampoline i used be able to flic tuck (BHS-BT) and i went to do one again forgetting i had grown......significantly and my flic was long and i tack off for the tuck and see the edge of the trampoline pass out from underneath me and....i landed flat on my back on the ground...not fun i thought i had dislocated my hip but i don't think i did


Club Owner / Manager
Mar 23, 2009
West Midlands, England
ugh, one of my gymnasts peeled off the high bar on Thurs - She was only swinging - but peeled, and unfortunately broke her elbow after putting her arm down straight - makes me feel ill thinking about it! I'm so gutted for her, but no matter how many times you remind someone how to fall, I'm sure in the second it takes you to fall you don't remember - she certainly didn't! She had to have an operation and might be out for 3 months now! Sad!
Jun 9, 2009
I was doing a suke on vault for the first time actually flipping it. I did the entry right and then i guess i stopped halfway through the flip and was going to land on my head, so my coach made sure i landed on my back but my knees were still trying to flip and i kneed myself in the face. I thought my teeth got knocked out for sure, but they're ok :). It hurt and my nose and lip were swollen for a week. I probably looked pretty weird carrying around an ice pack at school.
All better now!
Ok, My coach was spotting me giants, and when I was on the downswing going into the flyaway, my hand slipped and I layouted onto my face with my feet over my head and skidded across the mat. :)
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