How do the Levels work in the U.S.?

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I have a pretty good idea of how to transfer skills to figure out what level a gymnast would be, but how do they work it for ages?

In B.C. (not sure about the rest of the country :)) we have up to age 9 -argo, 10 and 11 - tryo, 12 and 13 - novice, and 14 and up - open.

For example, do they have all L7's competing against one another, regardless of age? Or is it broken down into age groups?




Well there are age groups, but it dosnt matter how old you are to compete in a level. Say a 10 year old girl in level 7 cud be competing against a 15 year old girl in level 7. But in awards they wud hav an age group like 10 and 11 year olds, 12 and 13 year olds, and 14 and 15 year olds.


All the girls of one level would compete at the same session unless there was an unusually large number of girls in one level - then certain ages would compete in certain sessions.

But usually let's say all the level 7's would compete at the same session. During awards the gymnasts would be called up for awards according to age. In level 6 and up there is usually only 1 age group for the older girls and that is 13 and over - sometimes it will be 14 and over.


Oh and level 7's have required skills they must do. and no bonus pts
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