Parents How many meets do you compete annually (and what organization/level)?

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After reading threads on this board for a while, I've realizes this varies vary widely by gym, organization (USAG, AAU, NGA, etc) and level. Curious how many your gymnast does?

I'll start - my daughter, last year at Gold/Level 4 (she competed a couple meets for score out at 4, the rest as Gold), my daughter did a total of 12 meets:

1- Sanctioned in-house
1-Sactinoned gym-hosted
7-meets ranging from 45min-4hours away
1-Travel meet (Florida)
1-State Meet
1-Regionals (this weekend - to finally end the season!!)

The lower levels (2/3,Bronze/Silver) do a few less, and no regionals. Gold-Sapphire and 4-10 are the above schedule.
We have a mock meet, 5 regular season meets, State meet and then regionals/nationals if qualified. This is for dp levels. As a compulsory the regular meets were all in the state, usually 1 1/2 to 3 hours away and only occasionally requiring an overnight stay. In optionals, we have 0 to 1 localish in state meets (depending on if a certain meet is a nastia qualifier that year) . The rest are travel meets, usually averaging from 5-10 hours drive. Occasionally one is farther away and requires a flight. Some people fly to most of them though because they consider a 5 hour drive too far.
We start with Xcel Silver. They do from 3 to 5 meets total.

Silvers progress to Level 4. They do 6 meets or so.

Optionals do 8 to 10 meets depending on what they qualify for.
12 meets sounds exhausting!

My daughter (Aus level 7) had her biggest ever meet season last year (more than usual to make up for two consecutive cancelled seasons over covid). They did six competitions over five months (although one was two days - heats and finals, so they competed seven times). It was enough!

Four local, one travel within state, one travel interstate.
Our gym does XB/XS/XG in place of compulsories with 1 mock meet, usually 4 regular season meets all driving distance (up to 3 hours), and then for XG a state meet.

For the optionals, 1 mock meet, traditionally 5 regular season meets (this season and likely ongoing, we did 4) with 1 being in state, 2 far enough to warrant flights, and 2 that are several hours driving, then state, regionals, nationals per level.

12 would kill me!

Pre-team (L1) does 2 in-house mock meets, L2 does 7 USAG meets, L3 does 8-9 USAG meets (one travel meet is often optional).
Levels 2-3 - 5-6 meets - 1 inhouse; 4 instate; States if qual..
Levels 4-5 - 7-8 meets - 1 inhouse; 1 travel; 5 instate; States if qual.
Levels 6-7 - 8-9 meets - 1 inhouse; 1 travel; 6 instate; States if qual
Levels 8-10 - 8-10 meets - 1 inhouse; 2-3 travel; 3 instate; States; Regionals; Nationals

our instate meets average 45min to 2hr drive. Our travel meets are 2hrs+. L8-10 have done some that require a flight but mostly 4-7hr drive ones.
NZ gymnastics: 5-8 meets. For our club, it depends a bit on whether you like travelling, some people will skip far away meets. As the country consists of two main islands and a whole bunch of smaller ones, having to fly is inevitable, especially for the higher levels will will need to compete out of our own region in order to qualify for nationals. If you can stay on the same island, travel is anywhere from 15 minutes to 12 hours drive
Mine is Level 8. We sign up for about 1 meet a month.

The most she has ever competed excluding states or regional. 8as at lower levels the season was longer.
Typically. 4-5, some years only 3.

This does not include her HS meets. 4 teams on their section so 8 meets plus sections and states. That’s 10 meets from January until the first week of March.
Australia, Level 8, 4 meets total this year. If she didn't qualify for the interstate meet, she would have only had 3 meets this year.

2 qualifying competitions
1 state meet
1 interstate meet as part of the State squad (2 day competition)

The most she's ever had in one year was 5 meets, I'm so glad there isn't more than that.
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USAG, optionals - total of 9 or 10 meets:
1-2 sanctioned in-house meets
5 regular season meets - one local, two within 3 hour drive, one 5-6 hour drive, one fly - two meets were Nastia qualifiers
Regionals regionals (this year both States and regionals were within driving distance)
For levels 9 and 10 who qualify, Westerns or nationals
In our gym levels 1-5 did 4 meets this season. We did have one “mock meet” before the first competition. The meets we travelled to were all within 2-3 hours driving time. They do have an Xcel program and those girls had about the same number of meets.
USAG optionals
1- in house meet
3- local meets
2- short distance travel meets (2-3 hour drive)
1- flyaway meet
State meet (close)
Regionals (close this year)

Xcel and compulsory do 6 regular season
Optionals do 5 with 1 optional travel (travel meet is only offered to 7-10)
Then state, regional, nationals where appropriate
Canada - level 5

2 in-house meets
2 in Washington, USA
3 local meets
(1 meet is USA cancelled for lack of interest on our group.)

7 total which felt like enough and busy.
Boys Level 3:
1 Mock Meet
4 regular meets (my son missed one because of norovirus which really sucked)
One optional post season meet

I believe the level 4s went to 2 additional meets and some qualified for regionals. Our gym doesn't send level 3 boys to regionals
USAG Meets in a YMCA gym. Our meets are "opt-in" instead of "opt-out" ever since COVID, so it is up to the family how many of the available meets they compete.
L2-L3 --> Originally scheduled for 6 regular season meets (November-February), then District Championships (March), then Y Nationals, if they qualify. Another meet was added to their meet schedule (December) after the first meet, so they could compete in up to 9 meets.
L4+ and XG-XP --> 6 regular season meets, then District Championships, then Y Regionals (April), if they qualify, then Y Nationals, if they qualify. So they could compete in up to 9 meets too.
This season both Regionals and Nationals were hosted by teams in our district, so the farthest meets were about 3 hours away.
LSS was supposed to compete in all 9 meets, but she sprained her ankle in track (her coaches thought she broke it) and had to scratch Regionals. She had started the season in XG and moved up to XP starting the 2nd meet in January. Since she had already qualified for Nationals at Gold, she was going to go whether she qualified at Platinum or not. She did end up qualifying at Platinum and held her own at Nationals.
We're in the UK, my daughter is 7 and she seems to be doing about 5 or 6 a year plus Grades. We've never had to travel more than about 35 mins for one.

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