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Dec 29, 2008
DD has been on pre-team for just 2 weeks now and I am astonished at how much she has learned in that time! She has struggled with doing her handstand on beam consistently for some time. It was one of the elements she had to show her coach before being invited to practice with team so we knew she could do it, but she would get terrified of falling off the beam and was inconsistent with it. But, over the past week, she has done it every time with no problems, at all! In fact, her coach let me watch her do her entire beam routine last week and it looked like a different kid! She has also had trouble keeping her arms straight when she goes from handstand to roll out which put her too low to the ground and not enough momentum to pop up without using her hands, but she does this beautifully now, as well! Oh, and she can now do splits in any direction including standing against the wall! Its amazing what these kids are capable of that is lurking beneath the surface until they get the motivation they need to dig down deep and show it off!

I am going to take her to a meet in a couple of weeks so she can watch her team compete and see exactly what will be expected of her and what it is she is working toward. I think it will do her good to see the "big picture" of it all.


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Aug 16, 2008
That is awesome for your little gymmie! Sounds like she is on her!:D
Feb 26, 2007
Isn't it lovely when something just clicks inside. That self driven motivation is the best.

Great idea about the meet. I did the same with my girls, they were not as intimidated by their first meet in the way some of their team mates were. Seeing how it all works really helps with everyone's expectations.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Wow, she is just getting all those skills she needs so fast. I think taking her to a meet is a great idea. I took mine last year before she was on team and she loved it. It really got her excited for moving to team and finally getting to compete. I always tell parents of girls not competing to take them to a meet. Seeing that meet might help them work just a little harder. :D Tell her to keep working hard and having fun! Are they planning on her competing in the fall?
Dec 29, 2008
Are they planning on her competing in the fall?

That is the goal. I spoke to the head coach and her coach and both said she is doing well and right on track. She wants to go to gymnastics camp this summer so I spoke to her head coach and he recommended Karolyi's in Houston so we are looking into that. If she keeps up the hard work and gets what she can out of camp, I think she'll be ready by fall.
Jan 17, 2008
how wonderful! It is so exciting to see those kiddos when they "get" a skill then the confidence just explodes. I love to watch it.. my DD, and my DD's teammates.. it warms my heart!


Great Job! She's moving along fast. I'm sure that she'll be ready in the fall for competing. Keep us posted.
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