WAG Level 9/10 Regionals

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Proud Parent
Jul 8, 2014
Good luck to everyone competing this weekend! My daughter will be competing Sunday afternoon at the Region 8 level 9 regionals. Anyone else going to be there? Anyone else competing in another region this weekend? I'm surprised there hasn't been much talk about regionals on here this season, although of course I know that it was an unusual season and some gyms haven't been able to compete at all. :(


Proud Parent
May 19, 2020
My daughter is supposed to be competing this session right now at Region 7 Level 9 Regionals. But, our gym committed to an all virtual season. So, our team is "hosting" a virtual session tomorrow. But I think it's just our team plus maybe 2 other teams are sending some IES. Region 7 is sponsoring and will provide medals, but there is no path to Easterns. (Not likely an issue for my daughter in her first year of Level 9, but I do feel bad for others who may have had a shot.) Makes for a pretty anticlimatic ending to the season. Though I am still grateful that they were able to have a season.

Good luck to all competing!


Proud Parent
Jun 14, 2019
My daughter was supposed to be at Region 2 Regionals this weekend (level 7, not 9) and she is missing it because she hurt her back 2 days after State. She is a little bummed about missing the only travel meet this year.
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