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Jan 8, 2006
Ahwahnee, CA
Gymbabi has now been to 3 meets. She hasn't done as well (score wise) at the last 2 as she did at the first one. Our coach (who is a judge herself) asked the judges what they thought she could do to get her scores higher for rest of the season. They all pretty much said she needs to take all the skills that aren't required out of the routine (she did have some in there that were extra by usag requirements, but she needs them for usaigc). So coach and gymbabi have been revamping her floor and beam routines and we are hoping for a better result at San Francisco next weekend. She's been working really hard on bars too, I'm hoping like crazy she gets her giant by state. She's had some breakthroughs this week so I'm crossing my fingers that it keeps going that way.
Not open for further replies.