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Definitely more video than report. Ds won the 50/50 raffle yet again. that's three times in a row if you count states from last season for anyone keeping score. Next meet is in Vegas in two weeks and DS is definitely coming with:D

Short report is ...soooo proud of dd, she's awesome. DD's all dinged up and we didn't know if she could go. A huge rip and first time using new skin, foot's acting up again and plenty of snow and crazy sledding antics and crashes, but lot's of good fun. More later......[url=[/img][/url]
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Wow!!! I can see her ballet training coming through in every event! She is lovely to watch! Congrats on her wins...her bars were especially AMAZING!!!! Thanks for posting the vid! Really enjoyed it:)
OMG, loved the music...and LOVED watching your DD, she's so beautiful especially on bars and floor. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks, it was a fun meet. The runway on vault was a little short and dd got her steps mixed up, but she got a decent vault on her second try. She did great on bars, too bad I missed the beginning. i also missed the beginning of beam but got most of it. It was really great that even though she wasn't at her best, she still put together some solid routines and placed well. Last year, this was our first meet of the season and it was a disaster. She's really come a long way. I'm super happy for her:)

Vault 8.800 13th Pl
Bars 9.500 1st Pl
Beam 9.325 4th Pl
Floor 9.250 5th Pl

AA 36.875 2nd Pl 11 and up
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She moves so beautifully those don't even look like compulsory routines...she makes them her own. My daughter takes dance but wants to quit...she would rather spend all her time in the gym. I am going to make her watch your dd video's to show her why she better keep on dancing:)!
Thanks for sharing the video. The 2 things that really stood out to me in the video was wow what an amazing scale she has on beam and her beautiful stuck landing on her BHS-BT on floor.

She is lovely to watch.

I believe that my dd had the same leo that you dd is wearing last yr, but my dd's stripes were teal. I don't think it was blingy enough for HC, because this yr she went all out and our girls glisten now! ;)
Thanks, now that I'm starting to know my way around the computer a little better, making the videos has become fun....though I can't claim to make it look easy just yet:D
Thanks for the video:)! She looks great out there, very elegant. You both should be very proud:)!
Thanks all, the thing that I am happiest about is that she looks so much more comfortable out there than at her first meet. She has plenty of time to polish things up and should start to hit her stride by states which aren't until May.

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