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National Testing

Discussion in 'Parent Forum' started by jrest08, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Hello,
    Hope everyone had a good national tops testing. Anyone have any inside information on what they think the qualifying score is going to be for A team lol? The wait is killing me. Does everyone know what they scored? I believe my daughter was a bit about 86. What is everyone else looking like?
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  2. I would love to know too. The wait is horrible!!! Great score for your daughter. Mine was around there too.
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  3. I have a spreadsheet for our girls' scores 8f you want to send me a pic of her sheet!
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  4. I have a spreadsheet as well...last year cut off for B was 82.9 I think and A was 87.
  5. I wish! It’s only been a few days and it feels like two weeks should have passed already lol!! My daughter is counting the days on the calendar and the days just can’t go fast enough! Lol!! Poor kids!
  6. That would be great thank you! I think I worked it out but I’d love to double check!
  7. Is there a way to private message on here? I'm new to this forum.
  8. Yes, if you go to the profile icon and click on “start a conversation”
  9. Hi is it that everyone knows their overall score? How did you find out? I have my daughter's scores by event but nothing confirmed for overall? I guess we should know this coming week. Do they email it or put the list up on the usag site?
  10. Everyone should know their scores if they calculated it. The scores will get sent to coaches and then an email will go out to parents with cut off scores and then list posted to USAG website. That was how they did it last couple of years.
  11. I
    have a spreadsheet formulated for both 9 and 10 year olds. I will PM you my email address if you'd like to send me her raw scoresheet.
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  12. Actually the spreadsheet belongs to our gym group, so I'm not sure about sharing it. I would be more than happy to still calculate the score for you though.
  13. Did you get mine?
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