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National TOPs Scores

Discussion in 'Parent Forum' started by MGymMom2024, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Anyone heard of any gyms that aren’t planning to attend? Didn’t know if there are certain ones that consistently choose not to send their girls that make B team.
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  2. Good to know, thank you!
  3. Just curious.... why do some gyms automatically decide not to attend B camp?
  4. Was told because we pay way to much already no sense on paying for a camp that’s for the coaches to train
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  5. We have a girl that got pulled up to Developmental camp from Getting noticed at B camp. I guess it wasn’t a waste of money for them!
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  6. Didn’t she have to pay for B camp and DC. So yeah she paid a whole lot more
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  7. And where did I say it was a waste.
  9. I was relying to the comment it’s a training cam for co
    where did I say she didn’t have to pay for it?
  10. The question was why some gyms don’t go. I have my answer. I never said it was a waste or anything. I have the answer my coaches tell the gurls at the gym
  11. That makes sense. Our gym is still relatively new to having girls make a team. I feel like our coaches could still utilize the training. Maybe not so much if your gym already has a very strong TOPs foundation. Thanks!
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  12. Just curious if you've heard anything yet? Heard of anyone backing out or anyone from waitlist making it yet?
  13. I haven’t heard anything yet. We just turned our forms in for A and I think B camp is due 9th. So not sure if they know who is declining yet.
  14. Heard five A camp girls got pulled to Developmental camp and two got hurt. So I think they will pull girls from B
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  15. I haven’t heard that at all but who knows.... I know some got pulled before testing. Maybe they pulled 5 highest scores? I thought she said they aren’t doing that anymore during meeting but maybe they are letting them go for free like they would for A camp.
  16. Damn I wonder what the five highest scores was? My daughter got a 96 they had to have a lot of 98s
  17. There are a bunch of new girls on the list for devo camp (girls that weren’t at camp last month). I have no idea if they were pulled from somewhere or were on a waiting list or what. There are also less girls at this camp then there were at last months camp.
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  18. Interesting?? Still haven’t heard anything. Trying to remain hopeful but the clock is ticking! I have not heard anything about any TOPs A girls moving up to Developmental Camp.
  19. I only know about the A camp girls moving up from my daughter. She talks to a couple girls on IG that was in her group at National Testing. Two of them got invited to Developmental, and the the girls also said three other from the group was there.
  20. I wonder if they could be attending both? Is that even possible?
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