NCAA National Championships - Kat Ding

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Dec 15, 2010
Congratulations to the University of Georgia Gym dog senior Kat Ding. Kat finished 2nd in the All-around competition. In the event finals Sunday Kat was 1st on Bars for her 2nd consecutive national championships, she was also 1st on floor and finished third on vault. An amazing end to her great career. Her bar routine was fantastic receiving perfect 10's from 4 of the 6 judges, I have no idea what the other two saw?:)

Also congrats to University of Alabama on their team Championship and to Florida's Kytra Hunter on her All-around championship. It was an exciting weekend of gymnastics.
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The bar routine was amazing - I think her full pirouette before the tkatchev finished late. The rest was AMAZING!!!!!! Every handstand was perfect - it was truly a great bar routine. I also thought her tumbling on floor was great, but I wasn't overly in love with her leaps/jumps - oh well, good enough, right?! Definitely exciting!!!!!
I wish I could have seen her routines! We went Saturday for the team finals, but we were unable to attend on Sunday. My dd loves Kat Ding. There were plenty of fantastic routines on Saturday though. Our seats were in the front row, right in front of the bars. It still amazes me how easy they make it all look!
I think her full pirouette before the tkatchev finished late.

OK that is more technical than I am capable of seeing :). But obviously two of the judges saw what you did. It really was a great routine and clearly the best of the day. Her floor routine was great also, very clean. I'm a gymdog fan so of course I thought she should win, but the girl from UCLA that placed 2nd really put on a show.

For those interested you can watch her routines from the event finals here Georgia's Kat Ding Wins NCAA Bars, Floor Titles - The University of Georgia Bulldogs
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