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Feb 26, 2007
Little DD got her new floor music yesterday, Inspector Gadget! She got to choose between that or Aladdin, last year she had Winnie the Pooh, she wanted something less babyish.

She is very happy, now she just has to wait for the coach to do her routine, fortunately the coach is an awesome choreographer so it'll be a good one. First comp is in Feb, so she has lots of time to learn her new beam and floor routine.

This is the time when I love our system so much more than the JO one, for girls who are not looking to train mega hours or go the Elite path it gives the optional feeling and allows for individuality.
Aug 3, 2007
Congratulatoins on your dd's floor music choice! That is so exciting to have music all picked and ready to go. Good luck on the choreography, as that will be fun for her. Just curious as to what system you have where she can compete optional but not have to train mega hours? My dd is in the process of selecting new music. There is so much out there to select from. But it's fun, and she's having a ball with it.
Feb 26, 2007
We're in Quebec, we have two systems Provincial and school. Both work in a similar way. There are required elements at each level and then there are also skills that are bonus elements, for added value. School system is aimed at girls who train between 4-8 hours a week, the provincial is aimed at girls who do more than 10 hours a week.

My youngest, for now, is in the school system and the oldest is in the Provincial system.

In both systems girls have their own routines, some clubs make all their girls do the same routine, but at our club most girls have their own routines.

We have one level in both systems that is a compulsory level, as in required elements, no bonus skills. This is the lowest level and probably between level3/4 USAG.
Jul 12, 2007
Little DD got her new floor music yesterday, Inspector Gadget! She got to choose between that or Aladdin, last year she had Winnie the Pooh, she wanted something less babyish.

CUTE!!! I bet she is super excited... lol, I have to say we have a level 10 in our gym that used the inspector gadget music for L8 & 9. I thought it was absolutely adorable... but her mom was telling me the other day that she could not stand another second of the "na, na, na, na, na, duh, duh, duh da da" & that whenever her dd would get mad at her she would walk around the house torturing her by repeating that tune over and over again lol - 1 season is awesome, but 2 full years - YIKES!! so happy for your little one - hope you share some vids this season:D - nic
Sep 9, 2007
We have always made up our own routines in my gym!!!
We get set elements, a choice of music and an empty floor :). Even the tinies make it up themselves but the coach "changes it slightly" a LOT, lol.

The best floor music I ever had was "Man, I Feel Like A Woman," by Shania Twain. Its the only time I've ever heard a judge laugh. :p:floor:

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Vintage Gymnast

LOL That is cool you get to pick your music, my dd just has the same old Level 4 music as everyone else, you get really sick of hearing it about the 20th time at meets :) I remember a girl (optionals) doing hers to George of the Jungle music, it was great. Another one that was cute was the old 50's song Run Around Sue, it fit this girls personality so well. You can always tell when they are into their music, the whole routine is better.


That is very exciting. I hope she loves it. I just got my very first optionals routine (level 7). I had a professional choreographer do it (my mom wanted it to look professional and good). I love the routine. It's Tainted Love. All of my teammates love it too and say it totally matches my style and personality-so much flair and dance!!!!!
Sep 20, 2007
My dd has only been doing level 5 music since June, and I'm already tired of the music. LOL I really miss doing optionals. Her music last year was the 6 Flags theme music. I loved it. The year before it was Mambo #5. Can't wait for level 7 and the optionals again!


My daughter became a level 7 optional this year, and her floor music is "its raining men." She and the coreographer picked it out, and at first I was a little skeptical.... she loves the routiene and really the drama of the music fits my precious little drama queen. She loves to put in lots of facial expressions! What a fun year this is gonna be!

Some of my other gymnasts have the theme from BeWitched, Do You Love Me, and a song called Taking Action (which is from the movie "save the last dance")


We have a girl at our gym with Inspector Gadget! She has the coolest routine! :)


Aww, that's so great, bog! You've posted before about how few meets your dd's go to, & all that, so I am sure you are excited to see your dd getting ready for her meets. And with fun music! How super. Will you be posting a vid of her routine soon? I know we'd all love to see it! :D

My dd just got her Prep-Op music & routine. She is ECSTATIC, to say the least! Her music is "Isle of Dreams" (Wolf Jump Music) from Spy Kids 2. :cool:

When are your dd's meets?


Inspector Gadget is such fun music. DD1 did an acro class in dance way back when and that is the song they did it to. I hope she has fun learning her new routine :)
Feb 26, 2007
Did either of you crazy chicks notice that thread was from a year ago that someone dragged up from the depths of the chalkbucket, ew!

Little one still has Inspector Gadget from last year, she is just changing her acro's. Oldest now has Shawn Johnsons music from 2005, heaven's a place on earth. She has most of it down, she should be getting the last bit this week.

Big bogs meets are in Nov, Jan and March, only 3 remember.

Little Bog's are in Feb,March and April.

Not big on posting my vids, but if I remember after the meets I'll send you as link to my private group.


Did either of you crazy chicks notice that thread was from a year ago that someone dragged up from the depths of the chalkbucket, ew!

That's wierd, how did that happen?! Sorry, I didn't notice it was an old post...

Yes, please do give us your private video link so we can enjoy your dd's!

Good luck to your older dd at her first meet next month! :p
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