WAG No BHS in gold?

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Mar 3, 2020
My DD is in silver and doesn't have a BHS or ROBHS and really wants to compete gold next year with her friends and has a little mental block on her BHS so any tips would be great and if anyone knows if she can do gold with out a ROBHS would be great
I am not super familiar with Xcel but I suspect you can work around it. My daughter is currently avoiding any back tumbling in level 6 JO. She does a FHS SO FHS RO. Your daughter won’t need 3 skills in a pass but I bet she can meet the requirements with front tumbling. I’m sure someone else can weigh in with more specific knowledge.
Gold (and Platinum and Diamond) can be done with only front tumbling. The most common passes would probably be a FHS-FHS or FHS-RO as one pass and a FT or side aerial as the second pass.
pass 1 - Front handspring step-out/round off
pass 2 - front tuck OR side aerial OR front handspring step-out/front handspring

*There is an exception in the Xcel code that allows flight skills on floor to be counted more than two times as long as in different series. Usually, in JO and Xcel, same skill cannot be counted more than twice.
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There are some golds at my daughters gym without it but their coach has decided to not let the current silvers compete gold next season without it. so yeah you can but it is very important
My dd had massive overnight growth & couldn’t do anything backwards to save her life. She was moved fro JO 5 to Xcel gold, competing FX with only front tumbling & a dive roll. Somehow managed to take 1st place several times with those skills.
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