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Apr 8, 2023
Hi, so as a coach I'm trying to constantly improve as is everyone. I would like to hear some new ideas on how to organize time on bars. Example being start with drills or skills then begin to work on combining skills/ routines. Any ideas and thoughts are greatly appreciated.
I like to change the way I do bars every day. I feel like, if we follow the same patterns and drills each time the gymnasts just get into rhythm and go with the flow. But when I change it up a lot, it keeps them excited and hungry and learning.

Some days it’s circuits, some days we just set up big drills, some days we work in groups, sometimes with partners, sometimes assignments, sometime little
Mini comps.
What is the skill level / age of your students? Are you on-season or off-season?

In general, bars takes more planning than other events because to do anything relevant or interesting, you need the actual apparatus (which is usually limited).

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