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Feb 26, 2007
It will be on NBC at 4:30pm EST

See Nastia and some great gymnasts from the pacific Rim.

Who else caught this one? One of the (male) announcers called Dasha Joura of the aussies "Daria" while she was on beam.

I also enjoyed the 11-year old dynamo from Russia maybe and Peng-Peng of Canada. Those are some big tricks in that bar routine of hers if she can learn to control them. She just goes so fast! I was way more impressed with the juniors this time around. Don't get me wrong, the seniors did well, but I was happy to see more of the up-and-coming talent instead of the same-old same-old.
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YAY canada and yay USA!!!
and Nastia's beam routine was AMAZING!!!!!! the best beam routine I'v ever seen her do!
and bars of course!!
...and Peng Peng Lee is my favorite canadian gymnast.
It was so cool getting to see so many juniors compete!
wow thats cool they aired that! sadly i was at a horse show where it poured down rain for three days straight! gotta LOVE showing in the rain! but we did good my girls placed in the top 5 in their divisions so it wasnt a total waste...they had a blast even if their coach was miserable lol
if you guys didnt catch it i found it on youtube (sadly chalkbucket wont let me post the link untell i have more then 5 i will post it after this one lol)

or you can just look up Pac Alliance Gymnastics Comp and it should come up!
As to the whole "Daria/Dasha" thing...I never heard her called "Dasha" until this meet. What gives?

She was "Daria" and "Dasha" was Dasha Joura.

And does anyone know where Tim is getting his info about the boundries on vault? The only deduction is for landing outside the line...not stepping. Those line judges at the end of the vault mat never raises a flag once during the entire competition.

Is that an MAG rule?
Dasha is the shortened Daria in Russian, they seem to have a shortened version for almost every name:

Mischa for Mikhail
Sasha for either Alexandra or Alexander (could be a girl or boy name)
Sveta for Svetlana
Natasha for Natalia
Masha for Maria
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