WAG Please help! Beam back handsprings.

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May 15, 2012
I really need help with my back handspring on beam! It is really inconsistent. Sometimes it is really nice and sometimes it is horrible.
My biggest problem is hand placement. I try to look for the beam, but I rarely get them on correctly, and one of my hands has slipped off several times. The highest beam I have done them on is about 6 in. off the ground, and I am afraid to go higher because I don't trust my hands. Also, because my main focus is on getting my hands correct, I tend not to focus on other aspects of the back handspring. I see other girls place their hands perfectly every time. How do they do that? How can you see the beam and place your hands that quickly? I really want to get this skill on high beam so any tips would be greatly appreciated!
Think about this.....

How many times can you remember opening a door, and do you *know* that you always watched your hand grab the door knob and turn it to open the door..... or does it just happen.

First thing is to do a good bhs, and then another, and then X 500..... repeat as needed. Do it on the beam you feel comfortable with, and when you're ready to move up it will be because you're bored and need something new to happen.
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