Press Handstand Mounts

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I miss the press handstand mounts, they seem to be very few and far between these days, if I do say so almost not existent, Anyone else feeling the same?
Me too! I love them. DD is working on hers now if she competes 7 this year. I have always loved the control. Didn't one of the gymnast do a handstand mount on Saturday?
Quite a few girls at the gym my girls go to do it, but you're right, not as many elites do it. I think Alicia Sacramone's mount is the hardest. Do you agree?
Elites have to do a mount that is in the FIG code of points. The press is an allowed mount, but it is only a B and takes quite a bit of time. Ideally for elites, their beam mount would be a C or D or would be as quick as possible.

You see more English press mounts from the end of the beam than the traditional press because it gets the kids at the right spot of the beam facing in the correct direction (elites can turn on the beam only one time on 2 feet; otherwise they can only turn on one foot so they mostly avoid turning if at all possible). Most of the kids who press mount in elite have had the same mount since they were level 7s or 8s and are used to them and don't want to change.
I have to say that I have seen girls mount at the end of beam, but quite a few girls I have seen do like a fwd walkover mount. I just love that. Not sure of the name.
LAst year they were introduced as a bonus at our lowest Provincial level, we saw a lot more them. Beautiful skill.
Not open for further replies.