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I'm compiling new music CD's for Warm Ups for our State Championships this weekend. We've hosted 3 meets so far this year, and had the same music playing each meet... getting old. Time for something fresh and new. I always do one, songs specifically for the girls and their genre, then I do one that alternates parent song/gymnast song, then I have one instrumental to fill the background if beam is finishing up and floor is done.

What do you parents like to hear while the girls are warming up? Background music? Favorite Inspirational songs...

Also, I'm probably going to use "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey, for march in. We've used "We're the Kids In America" all year. Any other thoughts?


You probably can't go wrong with anything by Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana.


Yes, I usually do the Radio Disney Top 10 in there, but it hasn't changed much from the beginning of the school year.


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May 11, 2007
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At the "last chance meet" we went to this season (last chance to qualify to sectionals), they played Under Pressure during warm ups. That seemed rather cruel and unusual to do to kids. I would avoid that.

I think one of the meets we went to used the instrumental piece from "Stick It" for march in. I thought that was nice. Here are some other ideas:
Reach Caleigh Peters
Get Up Superchick
All Star Smash Mouth
Shining Star Earth, Wind & Fire
Get Your Shine On Jesse McCartney


Alot of good ones here! A couple that our girls appreciate are (and forgive me, I do not have exact info, but maybe it will ring a bell):

The "Move it, Move it" song from the movie Madagascar.
The "Cha Cha Slide" always brings smiles:). We had a judge dancing to that one at a meet!

Good Luck at States:D!


But... What about us poor parents that have to listen to Miley, and Justin, and The whoever Twin's...every day 6x an hour for 3 hours already?

Pity us!! :D

Aw.... c'mon, Dad!!! Don't be so LAME!!! :p
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