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It's like you read my mind! I was just getting ready to post something along these lines. Chances are if the "head coach" is out they are having to schedule additional coaches to cover her responsibilities while she is with your child at camp.
This is a really good point you guys. In general if a coach is out, our teams will just practice with one less coach until they return... but if they were to bring in help while the head coach were with us or if they send another coach with us then that certainly seems fair to me. For our recent state test she sent one of the assistant coaches with us so maybe they are considering a rotation. All good questions to discuss with the gym. Thanks!
You have gotten good advice here. Some gyms will charge charge coaches fees directly to the gymnast for camps like these, some will absorb those costs as educational training, and some will fold those costs into the entire teams yearly coaches fees budgets to spread the cost among the whole team. I would consider all within industry standard.

You sound like you are coming from a good and reasonable place, Mainedad. I would go to the gym with the long term in mind, what the costs will be like if your daughter continues on the path of TOPS and developmental camps(and perhaps hopes, elite down the road). The costs for all of those things are very high because there are so few gymnasts to share the cost, usually only one or if your lucky a few gymnasts that the coach must take to camps and competitions. It is perfectly reasonable for you to approach the owners/head team coaches with your long term concerns with the costs.
I agree Coaches need to be compensated for "coaching" while there. The gym also knows that one of the more challenging thing about running a gym that produces TOPS/Elite athletes is the amount of time they are out of the gym or the extra time they are coaching. I remember reading one of John Geddert's blogs about this topic. Taking a few kids to camp will more than likely require some rearranging of staff at the gym. I have always paid coaching fees for TOPS testing, Camps, and National Coaching opportunities. I felt like most of the fees were absorbed by the gym but paid what I felt was a fair amount. Good conversations are always powerful and I'm sure will be welcomed from the gym. Good luck!
Personally I think if you are salaried and getting paid for travel and meals (per diem) then that is fair and not asking someone to work for free. They still get their salary. If on call 24/7 as the child's guardian during the trip, then that might warrant extra compensation. This sounds like an additional "session fee" type deal that isn't a per diem. It is normal in this industry to still compensate salaried coaches with session fees which makes some sense since some times it's on top of normal hours. But in this case with the burden falling on one parent if the coach still receives a normal salary I'm not sure if I agree with essentially double charging. Yes, travel takes you away from your family and home, but it is part of the job. I would totally get it if the coach wasn't salaried and wasn't being paid by the gym while away.

But again, "session fees" are kind of standard. So just be prepared that the gym may tell you that.
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The coach is there for his/her training. S/he isn't there to coach your kid. The gym is gaining a lot by the coach being there. I don't care if back home the gym is having to cover for the coach being gone.

This is only partly true. My gymmie is nowhere near this level but I did this in college track in an attempt to make Olympic Trials. My coach and I went to the US Track and Field National Training Center in Eugene, OR and while he didn't coach me while we were at training camp (he had a ton of coaching clinics, etc), the three runners, including myself, were still expected to cover his coaching fees. It was totally worth it because the end result was that even though he didn't coach us while at the clinic itself, he applied every single thing he learned there to our future training and ultimately, my two teammates went to trials 2 years later. I, on the the other hand, tore both of my ACLs a year apart :(

Our school's athletic department helped us to fundraise for it. Even though the school and many other athletes benefited from what we paid, I still feel like the ultimate benefit befell the 3 of us who were hopefuls for trials. Thinking of it as paying her coach to learn new ways to coach her better for the long term.
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This only makes a difference if they hire a coach to replace the coach at the ranch. I know many gyms send coaches and the kids back in the gym just suffer without their coach.
When our coach goes with the gymmie, yes, the girls say they get consolidated, etc. Maybe a little bit more time from a younger coach who can "help out", but not often.
"Before you make this commitment you must consider the goals, the full scope of the responsibilities, and the time requirement. The goals of all will be achieved only by those who are totally committed and dedicated to this task. Many personal sacrifices will be made by you, your families, and your athletes. The choice to coach at this level will also be a financial burden to your business."

The above is from usa gymnastics website site. The link to this info is here:

USA Gymnastics | Coaching Elite Athletes

I will add that when we went to TOPs National Testing in the parent meeting Kim Riley "urged" the parents to ask their Club gym if they would cover coaches fees for camps. She added that these club coaches were getting training from the best in the WORLD. So maybe ask them if they will pay and if the gym will not pay then you go from there. Clubs should know that it is expensive for them and the parents before they take the elite path. Before you know it you'll be flying all over the country a few months a year! Good luck.
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and only "$100" a day for the coach? can you imagine coachp??

you have to make sure to take care of the coach. the ranch is...well...i'd rather go to Newark...:)

Granted, if they're salaried, then they're making more than the $100 a day.
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