Questions about: Working at the gym, Front handspring on vault

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Oct 1, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
I was wondering about getting a job at the gym to cover some of my bills you know. Can anyone tell me what to expect?

Problems with front handsprings on vault. I have been trying to get my front handsprings over but I can't, I just get stuck right at the handstand. I hold it for a long time its really bad. I'm told I have a very strong start, and my punch is great its just that when i'm on the table I freeze. I'm told to push through my hips but I can't, I'm just stuck in a handstand and I have to be spotted down, or thrown over. What is wrong? What is happening?
Without being able to see it, it's hard to say. The girls that I coach usually get stuck in a handstand when they dive onto the vault, with their chests down slightly, instead of having them up.

It could also be a heel drive issue. If you are even the slightest bit nervous, you may subconsiously be stopping your heel drive if you have such a good board punch. Perhaps doing the level four vault (handstand to your back on a resi pit) could help you resolve this issue.

Also, make sure you keep your head in between your hands. If you stick your head out and stare at the vault, it could make you stop on your hands.
I assume you mean you would be coaching? Do you know how to spot, and do you enjoy working with kids? Normally, I think most people start with doing classes and learn to spot skills over time. My gym kind of threw me into being the pre-team HC (I was 16), but I already knew how to spot everything through about L6. I got $7/hour then ($8/hour now), so you won't exactly be rolling in money, but I think coaching is fun and rewarding.
your best opportunity for making any money as a young coach is birthday parties due to sometimes higher than normal wages for a birthday ( it should be at least ) and tips ( besides leftover pizza and ice cream and soda ). date nights and sleepovers can pull in some money as well.

they will probably start you out in the young rec beginner classes and preschool classes or a second hand to spot stuff like forward rolls, pullovers, inverted, handstands.
I got it! Well mentally it as my coach tell me "handstand handstand handstand" So I would hold the handstand it took a little time longer. Well since that was'nt working she tried another approach. She showed me with her hands how it should look I don't know why but a light came on. Oh not hold the handstand but get to a handstand. lol. It all made since, and now there great. I sometimes do a extra hop in the landing but its all good!

Now about the job my mom and the coach are working out the hours.I learned how to spot the simple skills like front limber back kickover ect. I can't wait to start!
u need more heel drive, which means u have really push ur heels toward the other end of the!! im second year level 8 by the way. try that and c if that helps and let me know how u do so i can know if my advice worked.
About the front hanspring, have you tried vaulting on a dirrerent height of the vault? I had trouble getting a good "pop" off the vault at a low setting, then when I put it on 5, I was doing much better. Hope that helps at all.
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