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New Member
Jun 21, 2008
Region 3
i have been working on straddle cast to handstand all summer and feel stuck in a rut. i am having trouble understanding how im supposed to get my hips and legs up at the same time. i don't think my shoulders are staying over the bar enough, but when i try to get my hips up, my feet drop. when i try to get my cast big, my hips don't go up enough. help? here it is on video. thanks!

YouTube - straddle cast


Club Owner / Manager
Feb 6, 2008
Adding a video to your post was a great idea! Do you train press handstands? Even with a spot? The body shapes are similar. Remember to lean over the bar, and when you cast keep your chest in and straddle late.

At our gym we will sometimes put a mini tramp in front of the bar, and they bounce on it, lean and lift them hips to a straddle up HS. I've also seen the bar coaches have the little kids cast to a straddle stand on the bar, because they have to leave the legs down, lean and lift their hips. Don't try to lift your feet too early. Hope that helps.


Ug, you're starting to open up your hips and begin the press before really getting the hips as high as they need be. Your hips are still behind the bar instead of on top. Be a little more patient and wait on it if you can. Hips up all the way, they open and press to HS.

Think of it as a really high straddle or pike on that presses to handstand from there. Basically work a really high straddle or pike on and press to HS from there. Eventually you can start working the press motion before you straddle or pike on and place your feet on the bar.
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