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Jan 17, 2023
Not sure exactly where this thread would go……it’s not WAG but it’s not really off topic. Idk but anyway,

A few days ago I made the decision to switch from gymnastics to T & T. Although I had to bid farewell to the bars with a tear in my eye, I think it was the right choice for me.

What level would I be in T and T? I have basically 0 trampoline skills at the moment, since I never really went on tramp all that often. I believe I was level 2 in gymnastics, so I am assuming I would be level 1 in tumbling? Here are my skills:

Handstand (hold for 4-6 seconds)
Forward roll
Backwards roll
Handstand forward roll
Front limber
Front walkover (not that consistent)
Front handspring
FHS Stepout
Backbend kickover
BHS with spot/roller
Aerial off a raised surface
Roundoff BHS with spot
Dive roll
Back tuck into foam pit

what level T&T would I be according to those skills?

I appreciate your responses!
My memory of tumbling routines is a bit rusty, but from what I recall that sounds like roughly level 3 in tumbling.

As for the trampoline part, don't worry; you'll pick that up quickly.
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