The level five beam routine

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Sorry, can't find it anywhere. I have the complete level six packet hanging around my house somewhere, but that's it.
How fast do you need it? I have the DVD at home with the Level 5 routines on it but can't watch it until later tonight. I could write down the description for you if you want. LMK.
Could some one please send me a full description of the lev 5 beam routine infact if you could would you send me the USAG description of it please! I need to learn it quick.

The problem with posting the full routine is that it's all copyrighted material, which makes it illegal for us to actually scan it in and post it as an attachment. Without the full USAG packet it is very hard to get all of the details correct. We actually had an judge come into our gym and do a 3 hour seminar on levels 4 through 6.
we do too, its just Ineed a copy for my self and the owner didn't want me to take the gym one home.

Makes perfect sense...our orginal has "DO NOT TAKE ME OUT OF THE OFFICE" written on it. We allow the coaches to take copies out to the floor so the original doesn't get ruined.
Not open for further replies.