Parents Typically hours for Xcel gold?

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May 20, 2019
What have people seen as far as number of hours per week for Xcel gold? Trying to get a sense of what’s typical.
Hello and welcome! There is an Xcel focused group on this board that you may wish to join. Someone asked a similar question on the Xcel board just recently and the answers were typically around 6 hours on the low end and some gyms doing 12+ on the high end. It really depends on the gym, their philosophy towards Xcel, if Xcel is a larger/more competitive program in your state.
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We offer workout options of 4... 8... or 12 hours per week for Xcel Gold. All of them do 4 or 8 hours... none of them currently do 12 hours per week.
9 is the most common we see at meets, with 6-10 being the biggest range. We occasionally come across some who do 12 or more, but it's rare here.
We do 12 now that we transferred the whole team to XCEL but when it was a side program it was 9.
Our Golds have the option to do 7 or 10.5, depending on whether they go 2 or 3 days a week. It's about half and half with our girls and what they choose.
Thanks for the replies -- it's helpful to have a sense of the range. My DD recently started up in an advanced rec class in a new gym after some time away from gymnastics, and the coaches asked if she's interested in competing in their Xcel program. She is interested but not 100% sure just yet, and she's also been diving so there's that to consider.
Anyway I am going to ask the coaches for more info so I wanted to have a ballpark of hours.
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