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It's been a long time since I posted so here is an update.

After switching gyms in May, much progress has been made. Giants have been learned and are now done effortlessly. :DVault is really coming along. Tsuks are "ok" but DD prefers doing yurchenkos (spelling?) Straddle backs are done solo now, not pretty, :rolleyes:but she can do them! Beautiful new floor routine with outstanding music she absolutley loves.:D She had no say in the music at the old gym, so this gets her really excited about floor. I get nervous watching bars and vault but am so excited and encouraged for the upcoming season!
New coaches are great and DD really wants to work hard for them because they don't make her feel as though she is not trying hard enough (as was the case before)
So things are coming along. Still there are some off days, as was the case last night, but there are more successful ones. And NO MORE TEARS! She is so happy about gymnastics again! Why couldn't we have done this years ago?
I see a long and happy future here at her new gym!
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Sep 9, 2008
How wonderful, being happy at gym is so very important! Good luck to your dd! Sounds like her season is off to a fantiastic start!
It sounds like she's coming along beautifully! Those are some very impressive/heart stopping skills she's working on!

I'm happy to hear about how happy she is at her new gym, it really makes all the difference. I can't believe the old coaches made her feel as though she wasn't trying. After enough time hearing feeling that, she'd lose the desire to really try at all.

Way to go mom, choosing a better place to bring the sparkle back to your daughter's eyes!


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It has been my experience that when you're even thinking if you should switch gyms, the change was about a year overdue. Great that she finally have coaches she can trust and will coach her properly. And the added benefit of no tears...they should never cry on a regular basis in a sport they love.


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Mar 23, 2009
West Midlands, England
As a coach, it is always a big worry of mine that we over-do the negative and often forget to praise the gymnasts, so thank you for the reminder that they are just little girls and will want to work harder if they aren't constantly being nagged at!


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Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I am so glad she found a gym that fits HER! It really makes such a big difference. Sounds like she is coming along nicely, getting new skills, new routines, how fun!

Glad you took the plunge and found a new gym. It is scary, but sometimes very worth it.

Granny Smith

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Jun 21, 2007
A wonderful update, your dd is sure getting some tough skills. I can understand your fears of watching bars and vault, I'm pretty much right there with ya!

Glad that the move was a good one and I'm sure your dd is looking forward to comp. season...


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Mar 9, 2008
Thanks for the update! So happy to hear that the gym switch obviously the right move for your DD! Wishing her continued success with those big skills!!! So glad she is happy, confident & thriving:D!


Great! I'm so happy that she is excited again and that there are no more tears. How wonderful for her and you!
Don't worry about not switching gyms years ago. The important thing is that it sounds like you did switch before she totally lost self-confidence or her love of gymnastics! Hurray!
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