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Dec 4, 2008
Those are very cool. Although the bars one was competed in the olympics. But I still think its cool. But im floored about the ariel with a full twist down onto the beam. I have never ever seen anything like that before ! Thanks for sharing !


I didn't know that shap full was competed at the olympics. I thought only a half was competed. Who did it?
There was a girl at UNH who graduated last year I think, and she did the coolest UB dismount. She was on the high bar, and did a kip, except she brought her legs up so that she was almost sitting in a straddle on top of the high bar, then she bounced off and did a double twisting layout as her dismount. I'm sorry, I really can't explain it right, but it was really pretty to watch, and VERY unique!
Feb 3, 2009
That bar dismount is called a Tanac or Whipsalto. It is in the Code Of Points and is listed as a D element. Very cool dismount! :)

Laurie Gallus
Author- Flip Outside The Box
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